Friday, June 14, 2013


MICHAEL SMOLKA PHOTOGRAPHY It's actually half past six in the morning, I am writing this blogpost and then heading over to Prague with the boy, so excited to stay in another city just for the weekend. There won't be any article on Monday I guess, but I'll be back for good on Tuesday, hopefully with new ouftfits and stuff! But today's article is the last one with pictures shot by Michael Smolka. There was just no time to share them with you in the last weeks, so it's a bit late. Anyway, I was wearing one of my favorite skirts, a red peplum skirt by Mango, sadly it's out of linen therefor it creases easily - I must admit that I am not much a fan of garments out of linen - it really is comfortable but I always feel the need to iron them all the time! :-D

So the shooting was on the first of May and I just love that there where so many flowers in this garden. It was incredible! On every side you could see tulips, magnolia trees, this garden was beyond beautiful! Perfect for doing a nice spring shooting I guess :-)
But for now, I wish you all a lovely and nice weekend - have a good one and don't forget to follow me via instagram (carmen_wo) where you can see what I am doing all day long! 
(today's title was inspired by Paolo Nutini - Now who's the fool, just because I listened to this song this morning and thought, back in business was a nice headline .. ;) )

skirt - Mango
shirt - H&M
belt - H&M
Make up by Kathi W.
Pictures by Michael Smolka Photography


  1. Maah... bei dem vorletzten Bild schaust aus als wärst grad verlassen worden :/

  2. dankeschön Vienna Wedekind ;-)

    @Anonymous - das stimmt irgendwie :-D bin ich aber nicht keine Sorge :-)


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