Friday, June 28, 2013


A NEW COAT I don't know why but in summer time I like to sew even more than in winter time, especially coats. Winter coats, light summer coats, this is way more interesting than a simple dress or skirt. So I made myself a new coat out of this super squared cloth, which I bought together with my mum in Wels. Actually you have to consider the pattern, but to be honest, I was too lazy to look at the pattern when cutting out the pieces, but I like the end result a lot =) Because I haven't yet decided on which fastening I took this great belt by Mango to make a little break into the pattern of the cloth. What do you think?

Because the pattern of the coat is already enough I kept the whole outfit simple - black pants and loafers, white blouse with grey pullover and the pretty blue bag to give everything a touch of color. It's kind of the perfect outfit for this rainy windy weather now - chic but yet comfy. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


THE RAIN Well, on the weekend I wore this little dress with a jeans jacket, but now it's pretty cold and I can't really believe that last week we had 27 degrees at eight in the morning when I published my blogposts. This is crazy and although it was almost too hot for me in the city of lovely Vienna, I am now feeling mad about myself complaining that it was too hot.  It's again trenchcoat season, for the third time this year and I am not really happy about this rainy windy 10 - 15 degrees weather. I'll just hope that summer comes back immediately. 

So my weekend outfit - I was at my parents house, you see, I'm moving back in there for the next two months so I had to prepare and get some stuff (mostly garments and books) in my old room, and yes, this feels a little bit weird. But when I put some shirts and pants into my wardrobe I found this little girly girl dress which I received as a gift from my godmother two years ago. And I really think that this dress is the cutest. So I combined it with a jeans jacket - this time I wore a dark one and I really like this combination  -and my favorite shoes at the moment, the cute ones with the stitch on. Tiny bag because you don't need to take much with you when going to a café with your parents. Perfect summer look I'd say :-) 

Monday, June 24, 2013


MARLIN SHOP Really the coolest nail lacquer I've ever had - thanks a lot to Marlin! I received this nail lacquer a couple of weeks ago together with the moodmatcher (click here) and couldn't wait to share this lovely little something with you =) ! While the moodmatcher changes it's color on one's lips, the twin color nail lacquer changes it's color on your nails when being outside in the sunlight. The best experience I had, was when I first tried out the twin color polish and I just thought it would be a simple nail polish which shines a little bit, but then I headed to university and while waiting for my tram to come, I noticed that my nails had turned pink! haha I was thrilled!

what I like most, is that inside the nail polish is very simple and easy, but when being outside you got some color. You can get your own twin color nail polish just by checking out Marlin's website - there you'll have a wide range of products! Have fun and enjoy your own mood beauty product! :-) 

Friday, June 21, 2013


JUST THE OTHER DAY My outfit from Wednesday, where I had a nice and funny day with my girl Doris. I went with the good old skirt-shirt-combination, chose this lovely pleated pink skirt by Zara, together with a Zara Shirt, which I just bought because the cut out at sleeves is so cool and the neckline is mounted with fake black leather. TOP! Anyway, this day I wore my new sling pumps for the first time, comfy shoes because they aren't too high, so a perfect business shoe or walking-around-the-city-shoe I'd say ;-)

Well and guess what? The last days in lovely Vienna were pretty pretty, PRETTY hot, so I jumped into the train yesterday to arrive at my parents house just because I grew up at a lake, we have a swimmingpool in our garden, you know what I mean, and today, the weather isn't that great anymore. Isn't it ironic? My weekend plan was to study for university while chilling on an airbed in the swimming pool .. well .. FAIL .. but at least I could go swimming yesterday evening :-) what are your plans for the weekend? 

Thursday, June 20, 2013


FUN DAY, YAY Okay, it's official .. whenever there's a crazy sale in Vienna, my girl Doris and I are there. Yesterday we went to the Vienna costume house because they sold all their stuff, really, everything! The sale started last week on Monday, but there was such a rush of people, that we decided to go there when it's more calm. So yesterday, there where not many people, I guess because of the incredible hot weather no one wanted to search through tons of garments, accessories and shoes - except us!

For us it was more like a dressing party, like playing the bride in a huge dress full of lace and stuff (there was even a girl who bought her weddingdress there) or being covered in rosé colored garments all over! Haha, it was really lots of fun :-) For you guys from Austria, especially Vienna, the costume house closes it's doors at the end of July, so there is still enough time for you to go by and check out the things - as well as there will be enough clothes - I promise! But now, enjoy our fun day pictures and tell me which outfit you like the most (for me it's the last picture) and which you think is the worst! :-)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


PRAGUE #2 I wore this lovely embroidered jumpsuit by Asos on Sunday in Prague. The weather was truly a blessing and I really think that this jumpsuit was the perfect choice to wear for discovering the city. Of course combined with flat shoes, even though I like heels a lot, for touring around the city its way more comfortable to wear flat shoes. I wish I could pop back into this picture, it was such a nice day and after that we had the most delicious dinner ever - aargh miss it already since it was such a relaxing weekend.. but well, see you soon Prague :-)

At the moment everything's kind of busy, got some exams next week and I really can't wait for the summer holidays to begin. The last weeks have been pretty stressful - I am sooo looking forward to relaxing, like a lot! I guess many of you are also having exams, are stressed and maybe don't have enough motivation anymore, I am wishing you all good luck and I'll totally cross my fingers for you all to pass your exams and do whatever you want to :-) At the moment I am starting to think about all this university thing, my upcoming internship in Autumn (I am so excited!) and secretly making plans for the future .. for me, summer time is always the time to reflect the past year and think about what I want to change and what I want to achieve. I guess I should just start and stop dreaming about it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


PRAGUE #1 First of all, sorry for skipping the Monday post, I really wanted to publish this article yesterday evening, but there was just no time for anything since we arrived in Vienna in the afternoon and I had university and stuff to do so there was just no time. But here they are, the first outfit pictures we took in the wonderful city, Prague. I was there for the first time and it was an incredible nice weekend. A bit of sightseeing, delicious good food and long walks in the sun. The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed this time out. 

We took those pictures on Saturday, where I was wearing a long white skirt with a simple blue tanktop and metallic sandals. This was really the perfect look since it wasn't too hot on that day and with the flat shoes it was comfortable to walk around the city. I always thought that people my height couldn't "look good" in a long skirt, as if it would make them appear much smaller but I was craving for a long skirt for a long long time. I always dreamt of wearing long dresses and long skirts, since they just look so chic and gorgeous, so I didn't care about being small and not wearing long garments and bought this H&M skirt two weeks ago. It was a very good decision, I am in love with it by now and thinking about getting more long garments even though I am a small person :-) what do you think about small people wearing long garments?

Friday, June 14, 2013


MICHAEL SMOLKA PHOTOGRAPHY It's actually half past six in the morning, I am writing this blogpost and then heading over to Prague with the boy, so excited to stay in another city just for the weekend. There won't be any article on Monday I guess, but I'll be back for good on Tuesday, hopefully with new ouftfits and stuff! But today's article is the last one with pictures shot by Michael Smolka. There was just no time to share them with you in the last weeks, so it's a bit late. Anyway, I was wearing one of my favorite skirts, a red peplum skirt by Mango, sadly it's out of linen therefor it creases easily - I must admit that I am not much a fan of garments out of linen - it really is comfortable but I always feel the need to iron them all the time! :-D

So the shooting was on the first of May and I just love that there where so many flowers in this garden. It was incredible! On every side you could see tulips, magnolia trees, this garden was beyond beautiful! Perfect for doing a nice spring shooting I guess :-)
But for now, I wish you all a lovely and nice weekend - have a good one and don't forget to follow me via instagram (carmen_wo) where you can see what I am doing all day long! 
(today's title was inspired by Paolo Nutini - Now who's the fool, just because I listened to this song this morning and thought, back in business was a nice headline .. ;) )

Thursday, June 13, 2013


SIMPLE OUTFIT Last Friday, when I was at home in Upper Austria I went to the lovely danceevent by "das tanzforum" (the dance forum - click here to see the facebook page). It's kind of a tradition to go there every June and see their final performance. I am always excited because no matter how old the kids are, they are a world of good - this time I was again overwhelmed by the skills they have gained in the last year! 
Since the weather was so nice and it was a casual event I decided to wear my simple bouclé dress, green flat shoes, clutch bag and my mint colored coat. I must admit that I might look a bit oldschool but I like that anyway. 

I really love the weather right now, although I am still not 100% top fit, I have to wear dresses and skirts all the time! In summer I am a total dress/skirt girl, I am not much into shorts, apart from doing sports, where it's better to wear shorts, but hey, I also got a "running skirt" ;-) Anyway, at the moment everythings just fine =)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


GRANDMAS PURSE and some news You'll probably see me in this position a lot in summer, since I am staying at my parents house over the summer months and definitely love our garden and swimming pool area :-) So I guess we'll shoot more outfits there, since it's my favorite place at home. Last weekend was pretty warm and it really felt like summer is finally here, so I took out this lovely coral colored dress, combined it simple with my coral shoes and a lovely little purse by my grandma. I totally fell in love with it when I saw it for the first time. This little thing adds glamour to every outfit. Imagine this purse with a black dress - I guess you all know what I mean :-)

Anyway, at the moment I am kind of stressed; First thing to tell you, I did get an internship at Stylight in Munich, SO excited to work there for six whole months :-) :-) but at the moment there's a lot of college stuff, I am again sewing a coat for myself (hope to finish it by tomorrow), then we have to move out of our apartment in lovely Vienna - I have to find another one in Munich until September (if anyone of you lovely readers of tiny lackofcolor blog is from Munich - please let me know ;) ) BUT this weekend the boy and I will be relaxing in Prague and I am so looking forward to this. I've never been there before and I really feel that I need some rest - maybe because I am still a bit sick so this weekend might be the perfect opportunity!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


WEEKEND On Sunday I pursued my second interest - beauty stuff! It was beauty flea market in Vienna at the "Badeschiff"  - some place you can go swimming. I've been looking forward to this event for many weeks now, and although we went there pretty late we did see some great stuff. Actually, I bought two lipsticks, but didn't take a picture of them yet, so you'll see them in some goodies post or something :-) It was a very nice event, I have never seen so many nail laquers on one place I guess. There was every brand, from chanel to essence and I did see some great colors but stopped myself cause I always use the same ones so why buy anything if you don't use it that much?

Anyway, Sunday was a very relaxing and nice day, the weather was so good, I was happy to finally wear a dress and comfy wedges, we even had some frozen yogurt - everything was just perfect :-) My girl doris and I walked around Vienna after the flea market, you know, my Sunday talk! And of course we took pictures of my outfit. I wore a nice jeans dress by Stefanel put together with a tiny belt. 

Monday, June 10, 2013


MARLIN Today it's all about this lipstick I recently got by Marlin a german online shop. They contacted me and I had the chance to try out some products from their website. I chose a lovely lipstick, which changes it's color! It's called the moodmatcher, simply because it changes the color because of your mood and your body heat. I was so excited when the package arrived and when I first tried it out because I wasn't sure if it really works, BUT it does! And here are some pictures of me freaking out because my lips changed their color - enjoy!

If you check out you can see many different lipsticks, I chose the black one, because I honestly was thrilled to see if it really works, even if the lipstick is black. And I can tell you, using this lipstick is different - it feels like wearing lip balm, it is really comfortable and the color lasts like forever :-) Like a real beauty blogger, I did some swatches of lipsticks on my hand, in the middle there's the moodmatcher, on the right side my lovely morange and on the left angel by MAC.  

Friday, June 7, 2013


GIRLS STUFF Well today let's talk about some girls stuff. Hair caree. When it comes to buying products for my skin, hair care or beauty products, I am always a bit overtaxed. There are so many different brands and I would love to ask the shopgirls for help, but you can't except a total consultation at Bipa's :-D 

Anyway in the last few days my hair got a bit messy, it must have been the Berlin kind of water, but it was pretty dry and stressed, even though I didn't straighten it or used a hairdryer that much. Anyway, when I came home from Berlin I just wanted to do something good for my hair, like buying new hair care products. And since I've always been a fan of L'Oreal I obviously decided on their products. I remembered the left one "Garnier Fructis - Schadenlöscher" because I've seen some ads with it, and I wanted to give it a try - totally worth it!! In combination with this conditioner "Oil Repair" my hair got so much healthier and isn't that dry anymore - I love it.

As I said before I got to know the new Garnier Fructis Schadenlöscher campaign because the lovely team of L'Oreal worked together with a blogger who did a really cute video for them, and honestly, that totally convinced me :-D

Thursday, June 6, 2013


SUNDAY TALK Actually, yesterday was Wednesday but for me it did feel like Sunday. On Sunday I always go for a walk with friends or we meet up at a cafe to chat. Talking about the whole week, looking back at what has happened. So yesterday I had my Sunday talk in the city of Vienna (yep I am back) and the weather wasn't that sunny and good. That's why I decided to go  with my lovely green leather jacket. I must admit that I am wearing it rarely at the moment, but that's okay since I wore it all the time after I got it, I guess it must have been at the age of 16. I'll probably keep this leather jacket until I die :-) 

My outfit was simple, but I had to take a thick scarf since I am feeling a bit sick. I just hate being sick in summer but apparently it happens to me pretty often. Anyway, after having coffee and stuff me and my friend walked through the city of lovely Vienna and came by this guy (see the last pictures) who blew soap bubbles, reeeally reeeeaally big ones. It was magical! The kids were playing around and I, for sure, wanted to try it out as well. No sooner said than done.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


LIME GREEN JACKET My second Berlin look, see any difference to my usual outfits? :-) Well, I simply felt like going with the berlin people who really have a casual but incredible cool and sporty style. Many of them always wear dark colors, but I just can't do this. I love black pants, they just match with everything, but I couldn't go with a total all in black outfit if you understand. So today I chose black pants, white shirt, white Converse and this lime green jacket. I am wearing it right now and it makes me feel more sporty but it has this old fashioned pattern that's why it totally works out for me. I am in love :-) 

And yep, I did take pictures with a polaroid camera in casual Berlin. I AM IN LOVE :-) I'm a fan of lomography, I love my little diana and my fisheye lomo, but in the last days this polaroid camera stole my heart. I totally need one! Wouldn't it be the greatest if my outfit pictures were shot with this lovely little thing? - Well, I know that this would be too expensive, but I'll keep dreaming anyway.

Monday, June 3, 2013


BLACK AND WHITE Sorry guys for skipping the Friday article, just had no time to prepare anything since I was on my way to Berlin over night and arrived here at 6 a.m in the morning. It's the second time hat I am visiting this incredible city, and I am falling in love it with more and more. Actually I was told Berlin outfits would be rather casual so I wasn't quite sure what to take with me.  

Since I am just staying until tomorrow and I didn't want to take my whole closet with me, I chose simple and casual outfits like this. Black skirt, striped longarm shirt, oversized blazer and some new boots which were pretty much on sale at H&M's. The lipstick I am wearing is my latest crush - Morange by MAC. It's just the coolest color for this summer since I am in love with orange at the moment. 
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