Monday, May 20, 2013


WHITE HEELS AND TANK TOPS I am pretty thankful that the weather isn't too hot at the moment, so I can still dress up chic like wearing the most beautiful blazer ever. I've been talking about this blazer in a blogpost already, but I am still amazed of it's simplicity and chic-ness. I've worn this outfit combination on Friday when I left lovely Vienna to stay at my parents house for some fine days. As you can see on my instagram pictures the "home trip" is all about good food and sewing my life ball dress, that's why we took the pictures on Friday because I wasn't dressed that fancy the last two days ;-)

The shoes are my new crush since they are so chic, white (!!) and have a comfy heel. I've been dreaming about white shoes a long time ago and finally I found them. You know the thing with white shoes is that they can look pretty cheap if they aren't made out of expensive material. I am also fond of tank tops at the moment, I've always been more into blouses than shirts and tank tops, but at the moment I like them a lot. 
shoes - Promod
pants - Zara
tank top - Bershka
blazer - Mango


  1. I love the blazer! It looks so chic :)

  2. thanks a lot :) I'm in love with it as well!

  3. Die Schuhe sind einfach klasse!


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