Tuesday, May 28, 2013


BUSY BEE I guess you all knew that there is going to be an article about my Life Ball experience - well, here it is. I had planned to do it on Monday but simply had no time and power to write something because I was working on my handbag collection straight after coming home from the event. I am kinda busy at the moment but this is totally okay.
So my Life Ball weekend started with a pretty nice party on Friday at the "Le Meridien" in Vienna - it was a very cool place, the people were over the top friendly, the catering delicious and even for free ;-) We had a really good time, dancing, chatting and taking pictures for the Life Ball blog. 

On Saturday the big event started at 16.30 pm (for me) where I headed over to the Rathaus in my lovely Life Ball dress to get my press tickets and permission to go everywhere. I even had the chance to go backstage to talk to some models and MAC make up artists - this was incredible! Neeext very special fact was the Cavalli fashion show, I am still amazed by all those gorgeous outfits, I took so many pictures :-) it was unbelievable and I think Cavalli might be one of my fav. designers by now! His show was amazing! Anyway, after the show I had to write an article about it an then headed over to the party with the other live reporters and guests!
It was such a pleasure for me to attend the Life Ball and kinda "work" there, I had so much fun, I had the chance to meet so many people and the speeches of Hilary Swank, Elton John, Greg Louganis, etc. were so touching I am absolutely impressed to know that there are lots of people who fight against Aids and celebrate life day after day! 

all pictures were taken by me for my report for the life ball blog - http://lifeball.community-blogs.at/

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