Friday, May 24, 2013


LATE POST Sorry guys for writing this article so late, I kind of needed some sleep and had to prepare myself for two nights full of glamour, craziness and being absolutely NOT tired. This is a huge thing for me since I am not a real night person, but for important things as the Life Ball welcome Cocktail this night, and the Life Ball evening tomorrow, I will be the coolest night person ever, haha. Since one of you asked me to reveal how I made my lovely dress for tomorrow night, I took pictures in various "stations" so you can see how everything was made. First thing was, after designing the dress (damn it, I forgot to take a picture of the sketch :-D ) was to take my measurements. That was easy. Second thing, pattern construction, as you can see on the first picture. It didn't took me long since it wasn't very extravagant. I am uploading lots of pictures now and will comment under each, so just scroll down to see the whole process ;-)

This will be the longest article I've ever done, since I've got so many pictures to show you buuuut there's also one important thing to do as well: 
The BÖDE OTZE GIVEAWAY has come to an end - congratulations to 
Jade Serina-Bioneda
Astrid Lackinger
Sarah Harringer

you've got mail! :-)

For those of you who want to see what's up this evening at the life ball welcome cocktail and tomorrow evening follow me on instagram (carmen_wo)!

pattern construction - done
buying the cloth that is needed to sew the dress - I was so happy to find a cloth in the right color (matching with my shoes) with sequins on, but when I saw the price I just wanted to ran away. 119 euro for one meter ... this was crazy. Luckily I just needed the top part, and this wasn't more than 15 cm .. haha! That's when I felt good again, but I'll probably will never ever buy such less cloth for so much money again .. 

(the second cloth was much cheaper) and I could start with cutting out the pieces

first I sewed the top part and then I stucked the upper part with pins to see if everything matches

five little pleats on the back part

and then sew the upper part onto the skirt and see if everythings straight (or as on the construction) and if the seam allowance is regular

after trying on the dress and realizing that it fits I could sew in the zipper 

that's what the dress looked like after all those steps, next thing was to do the lining, I didn't took pictures while doing that because it's mostly the same, but without those pleats

a picture I took for my friends while trying on the dress (it's not finished here) to send it via whats app and stuff ;-) after this picture I had to do the lining and then I drove to my old school to finish the skirt length since we've got the finest machines at school (I posted a picture via instagram of this process)

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