Wednesday, May 15, 2013


WELCOME TO MY LIFE I've read in Instyle magazine last weekend that orange is the new trend color for summer, especially orange as a lipstick. Well and because I liked the thought of having orange lips I went straight to MAC's and tried it out. The shopgirl was such a nice girl we talked about a lot of things, we even had the same jacket and then we even wore the same lipstick because little morange came into my life. And because I am having such fun with it I wanted to share it with you and even encourage you to try out little morange as well. (Also I looove to say morange, it just sounds so cute) For those of you who don't own lipsticks by mac, I can totally recommend them, they are not too soft so you don't need a brush to apply it on your lips and they have a really longlasting color effect I'd say. Plus they are really affordable!

So yesterday I had this little photoshoot for a new television series which is coming out some fine day in Austria, it was pretty funny and on facebook,twitter or instagram you all can see how I had to look like. Totally without make up, my usual hairdo and wearing those dungarees and a simple blouse pretending to be a family member of one of the main characters in the 60s. 


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