Friday, May 3, 2013


Sorry for skipping the post yesterday, I was a bit tired and didn't feel so well. Sadly, I am now starting to get sick, I guess I must have catch a cold the last days. I admit, you can see on the pictures that I didn't feel that good but I wanted to show you my outfit. But I am working on feeling better  because I have a strict schedule today, tomorrow and on Sunday, where I am heading back to Vienna. The pictures show my outfit from yesterday. I had a very lovely lunch date with my best friend from home, if you follow me on my social media you could see that it was her birthday! Yay! So we had a little picknick and of course we had lots of stuff to talk about. I wore this cute shirt I bought at Zara's some months ago. 

We shot the pictures in our garden, everything is blooming and I really wanted to take outfit pictures in between all those lovely flowers and my pants match with the color of the water of our swimming pool :-D At the moment I am in love with those pants, the color is just amazing! And my latest purchase, those new shoes, they are pretty high but very comfortable because of this wedge heel! have a lovely weekend guys, see you on Monday :) 

shoes - Monzero
pants - Zara
shirt - Zara
coat - Primark
bag - Primark

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