Thursday, May 30, 2013


MICHAEL SMOLKA PHOTOGRAPHY This is the second article about my shooting on the first of May with Michael. This time, I wore a simple long dress I bought in some cute small shop in Italy last year, without shoes, and this total green make up by Kathi. I like the first picture a lot since my hair looks totally bi colored in it, I mean, look at this color contrast? As if I had brown hair :-D Anyway, this shooting was not much about what I wore but this wonderful flowery meadow. I just had to lay down and see what happens :-) Oh I wish I could pop back into one of those pictures, the weather was amazing, it was such a warm and sunny day, the atmosphere was totally right!

Buuuut I am here in lovely cold and windy Vienna, a think the sun will show up today for some minutes, but it is definitely not the weather I expected to have at the end of May. Anyway, we all have to deal with this, so it's just trenchcoat season again ;-) Since today is a holiday and I don't have any lessons on Friday I am leaving for some cool days in Berlin for the weekend. wish you all a wonderful day and weekend, I'll skip the Friday article (sorry guys, this week was totally not my best blogging week) and see you on Monday on Lackofcolor :-)
(the blog title refers to the song "chasing cars" by Snow Patrol, I guess you all know this song )


  1. dankeschön!
    das sind echt schöne bilder! erinnert mich an das rapsfeld an dem ich jeden morgen vorbeifahre:D


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