Monday, May 13, 2013


How was your weekend guys? I hope it was as nice and comfy as mine, if you follow my social media (this is going to be my new starting phrase ... ;-) ) you could see that I was happily shopping shit at the "Happy Shit Shopping flea market" I was there with my friend Melnie and we discovered some truly great things. Of course I took my camera with me to take some snap shots for you. So here they are, I really had lots of fun and we are thinking about joining the people at the next Happy shit shopping event, then you could buy some awesome stuff I don't wear anymore or some other things, we'll see.

So far this is all I can say about my Saturday flea market experience. Now off to university wishing you all a nice and sunny start into the week!

Designs by Efua
Designs by Efua

artist - NDCM

I bought this looovely handbag, it is so cute and I absolutely had to buy it (paid 7€) , then there were those white leather gloves (!!) and this cute chanel nailpolish called black pearl ;-) 


  1. Der Chanel-Lack ist toll! :) Und der Kuchen sieht super witzig aus - kann man den wirklich essen? Haha!

    Komm mich mal besuchen, in ein paar Tagen endet mein Giveaway, zu gewinnen gibt es einen exklusiven Nagellack von Deborah Lippmann :)

    K├╝sschen, Clara

  2. Haha nein, das ist eigentlich eine Seife :-)
    hab schon mitgemacht bei deinem Giveaway! Toller Nagellack!


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