Friday, May 10, 2013


DRIFTING AWAY Yesterday was kind of the perfect day, holiday. The weather was incredible nice and I had a lovely lunch meet with my friend Melnie. After lunch we shot those pictures in a garden in lovely Vienna - a garden I've never been to, but decided to go there some day because it's really nice. I am always searching for some "green spots" in Vienna because I miss this from home, but I can tell you, I've found some great ones by now! Oh and if you follow my social media und look around on my blog you can see that I am using instagram now! whoop! No more "instanot" articles unfortunately :-D but come and follow me if you want :-) (carmen_wo)
After the shoot I had my dress rehearsal for the movie I am joining next week. It's nothing spectacular as I told you, just me looking like a hippie, which means clothes that are way too big and loose, messy hair, no nail polish (yep, I was warned) but it will be a lot of fun! And I'll be sure to take pictures on Tuesday at the shoot!

The pants for yesterdays outfit are by h&m and anytime I see the blue at the end I feel like drifting away; it reminds me of the sea, summer time, vacation, all that nice stuff. To those great pants I had to wear my jeans jacket again, and yep, I am falling in love with it! Matching to my pants, the vacation feeling and the jeans jacket is the song I had on my mind yesterday -  Paolo Nutini - Caledonia . It was indeed a happy day yesterday and I got a feeling that the next days will also be pretty happy days =) with this I am wishing you a nice weekend!

shoes - Monzero
bag - Primark
jeans jacket - h&m
pants - h&m
tubetop - h&m
sunglasses - Rayban Wayfarer


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