Thursday, May 30, 2013


MICHAEL SMOLKA PHOTOGRAPHY This is the second article about my shooting on the first of May with Michael. This time, I wore a simple long dress I bought in some cute small shop in Italy last year, without shoes, and this total green make up by Kathi. I like the first picture a lot since my hair looks totally bi colored in it, I mean, look at this color contrast? As if I had brown hair :-D Anyway, this shooting was not much about what I wore but this wonderful flowery meadow. I just had to lay down and see what happens :-) Oh I wish I could pop back into one of those pictures, the weather was amazing, it was such a warm and sunny day, the atmosphere was totally right!

Buuuut I am here in lovely cold and windy Vienna, a think the sun will show up today for some minutes, but it is definitely not the weather I expected to have at the end of May. Anyway, we all have to deal with this, so it's just trenchcoat season again ;-) Since today is a holiday and I don't have any lessons on Friday I am leaving for some cool days in Berlin for the weekend. wish you all a wonderful day and weekend, I'll skip the Friday article (sorry guys, this week was totally not my best blogging week) and see you on Monday on Lackofcolor :-)
(the blog title refers to the song "chasing cars" by Snow Patrol, I guess you all know this song )

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


BUSY BEE I guess you all knew that there is going to be an article about my Life Ball experience - well, here it is. I had planned to do it on Monday but simply had no time and power to write something because I was working on my handbag collection straight after coming home from the event. I am kinda busy at the moment but this is totally okay.
So my Life Ball weekend started with a pretty nice party on Friday at the "Le Meridien" in Vienna - it was a very cool place, the people were over the top friendly, the catering delicious and even for free ;-) We had a really good time, dancing, chatting and taking pictures for the Life Ball blog. 

On Saturday the big event started at 16.30 pm (for me) where I headed over to the Rathaus in my lovely Life Ball dress to get my press tickets and permission to go everywhere. I even had the chance to go backstage to talk to some models and MAC make up artists - this was incredible! Neeext very special fact was the Cavalli fashion show, I am still amazed by all those gorgeous outfits, I took so many pictures :-) it was unbelievable and I think Cavalli might be one of my fav. designers by now! His show was amazing! Anyway, after the show I had to write an article about it an then headed over to the party with the other live reporters and guests!
It was such a pleasure for me to attend the Life Ball and kinda "work" there, I had so much fun, I had the chance to meet so many people and the speeches of Hilary Swank, Elton John, Greg Louganis, etc. were so touching I am absolutely impressed to know that there are lots of people who fight against Aids and celebrate life day after day! 

Friday, May 24, 2013


LATE POST Sorry guys for writing this article so late, I kind of needed some sleep and had to prepare myself for two nights full of glamour, craziness and being absolutely NOT tired. This is a huge thing for me since I am not a real night person, but for important things as the Life Ball welcome Cocktail this night, and the Life Ball evening tomorrow, I will be the coolest night person ever, haha. Since one of you asked me to reveal how I made my lovely dress for tomorrow night, I took pictures in various "stations" so you can see how everything was made. First thing was, after designing the dress (damn it, I forgot to take a picture of the sketch :-D ) was to take my measurements. That was easy. Second thing, pattern construction, as you can see on the first picture. It didn't took me long since it wasn't very extravagant. I am uploading lots of pictures now and will comment under each, so just scroll down to see the whole process ;-)

This will be the longest article I've ever done, since I've got so many pictures to show you buuuut there's also one important thing to do as well: 
The BÖDE OTZE GIVEAWAY has come to an end - congratulations to 
Jade Serina-Bioneda
Astrid Lackinger
Sarah Harringer

you've got mail! :-)

For those of you who want to see what's up this evening at the life ball welcome cocktail and tomorrow evening follow me on instagram (carmen_wo)!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


THE RESULT As I told you in my post yesterday, I had to dye my beloved light rosé pants - today you can see the result! I dyed them black because this was the only color I thought would look good and hopefully it lasts and won't fade away after washing it .. wish me luck! So this was my Monday outfit, where I had lunch with my parents and my sister Vanessa in the city of Bad Ischl, Upper Austria. It's always a pleasure to be there because my parents once lived there when they were my age and always had lunch or coffee and cake in this little café which became a small restaurant over the years. 

So I wore my "new-old-black-pants" by Zara, a cute blouse by H&M which is longer in the back and shorter in the front, a jeans jacket, scarf and blue shoes. Yep, there's not much to say about this outfit but is was very comfy and the perfect look for lunch with the parents :-)
"you are the bluest light" is by the way a line out of a very nice song by Bloc Party - click here to listen to it :)

Monday, May 20, 2013


WHITE HEELS AND TANK TOPS I am pretty thankful that the weather isn't too hot at the moment, so I can still dress up chic like wearing the most beautiful blazer ever. I've been talking about this blazer in a blogpost already, but I am still amazed of it's simplicity and chic-ness. I've worn this outfit combination on Friday when I left lovely Vienna to stay at my parents house for some fine days. As you can see on my instagram pictures the "home trip" is all about good food and sewing my life ball dress, that's why we took the pictures on Friday because I wasn't dressed that fancy the last two days ;-)

The shoes are my new crush since they are so chic, white (!!) and have a comfy heel. I've been dreaming about white shoes a long time ago and finally I found them. You know the thing with white shoes is that they can look pretty cheap if they aren't made out of expensive material. I am also fond of tank tops at the moment, I've always been more into blouses than shirts and tank tops, but at the moment I like them a lot. 

Friday, May 17, 2013


JUTE BAGS This time it's something a little different from what I usually post (especially on Fridays) but here it is, my very first giveaway! Nice collaboration with the young label "Böde Otze" from Berlin, Germany. Actually, I am friends with one of the owners, so this collaboration had to work out some fine day. As you can see on the picture above, I've got three different jute bags for you, with a special print which is handsprayed by Böde Otze - very unique I'd say! And you all, lovely readers of tiny lackofcolor blog have the chance to win one of those bags! The rules are pretty simple:

1. Follow Lackofcolor via Bloglovin and/or Facebook
2. Follow Böde Otze via Facebook
3. leave a comment below this article with your name and valid e-mail adress so I can contact you if you won

This giveaway is open for everybody and will end on the 24th of May, good luck guys! 

And because I always see people with jute bags on the street wearing some casual pants, tank top and flat shoes I thought about pulling off something different. Lucky me, my girl Doris joined me and we tried out some kind of styles to make this bag and the whole look more special. If you want to try something more indie, girly, edgy, classy, etc. - we got all kinds of inspiration for you! (special thanks to Doris for being my oh so chic model :-) )

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Michael Smolka Photography / Make Up Artist Kathi Werderits
MICHAEL S. PHOTOGRAPHY The very first pictures of my latest shooting with Michael are now online! Whoop! I am so in love with this dress and the park in which we where shooting was so lovely, I was a happy girl. Haha. Anyway, the dress is from Sheinside, I discovered this online shop some time ago and had to order this dress because of its cuteness. It wasn't expensive but the shipping took nearly a month, which made me go crazy, but luckily it came exactly one day before the shooting. One interesting fact is, that the dress could only be ordered in "one size" which made me very nervous and I asked myself if I would fit in "one size" or am I probably "another size". I've never seen that before :-D But it fits and it was a very good decision since it looks so cute and it reminds me always on a wedding or at least first communion ;-) 

We had the shooting in a park in Oberlaa, Vienna, and when we arrived I saw this incredible magnolia tree. The park was full of flowers anyway, but this magnolia tree seemed perfect for the dress. So we headed over to the tree and took some great pictures. If you like them, be sure to follow Michael on Facebook, there you always see the lastest pictures of the latest shootings and also hear about the schedule and stuff. I can promise you that those won't be the last shooting pictures with Michael. We've got a lot of nice things for you planned so stay tuned! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


WELCOME TO MY LIFE I've read in Instyle magazine last weekend that orange is the new trend color for summer, especially orange as a lipstick. Well and because I liked the thought of having orange lips I went straight to MAC's and tried it out. The shopgirl was such a nice girl we talked about a lot of things, we even had the same jacket and then we even wore the same lipstick because little morange came into my life. And because I am having such fun with it I wanted to share it with you and even encourage you to try out little morange as well. (Also I looove to say morange, it just sounds so cute) For those of you who don't own lipsticks by mac, I can totally recommend them, they are not too soft so you don't need a brush to apply it on your lips and they have a really longlasting color effect I'd say. Plus they are really affordable!

So yesterday I had this little photoshoot for a new television series which is coming out some fine day in Austria, it was pretty funny and on facebook,twitter or instagram you all can see how I had to look like. Totally without make up, my usual hairdo and wearing those dungarees and a simple blouse pretending to be a family member of one of the main characters in the 60s. 

Monday, May 13, 2013


How was your weekend guys? I hope it was as nice and comfy as mine, if you follow my social media (this is going to be my new starting phrase ... ;-) ) you could see that I was happily shopping shit at the "Happy Shit Shopping flea market" I was there with my friend Melnie and we discovered some truly great things. Of course I took my camera with me to take some snap shots for you. So here they are, I really had lots of fun and we are thinking about joining the people at the next Happy shit shopping event, then you could buy some awesome stuff I don't wear anymore or some other things, we'll see.

So far this is all I can say about my Saturday flea market experience. Now off to university wishing you all a nice and sunny start into the week!

Friday, May 10, 2013


DRIFTING AWAY Yesterday was kind of the perfect day, holiday. The weather was incredible nice and I had a lovely lunch meet with my friend Melnie. After lunch we shot those pictures in a garden in lovely Vienna - a garden I've never been to, but decided to go there some day because it's really nice. I am always searching for some "green spots" in Vienna because I miss this from home, but I can tell you, I've found some great ones by now! Oh and if you follow my social media und look around on my blog you can see that I am using instagram now! whoop! No more "instanot" articles unfortunately :-D but come and follow me if you want :-) (carmen_wo)
After the shoot I had my dress rehearsal for the movie I am joining next week. It's nothing spectacular as I told you, just me looking like a hippie, which means clothes that are way too big and loose, messy hair, no nail polish (yep, I was warned) but it will be a lot of fun! And I'll be sure to take pictures on Tuesday at the shoot!

The pants for yesterdays outfit are by h&m and anytime I see the blue at the end I feel like drifting away; it reminds me of the sea, summer time, vacation, all that nice stuff. To those great pants I had to wear my jeans jacket again, and yep, I am falling in love with it! Matching to my pants, the vacation feeling and the jeans jacket is the song I had on my mind yesterday -  Paolo Nutini - Caledonia . It was indeed a happy day yesterday and I got a feeling that the next days will also be pretty happy days =) with this I am wishing you a nice weekend!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Last weekend, when I was in Wels with my parents I bought those incredible striped pants. I know that I am totally going with the trend with those, and that I'll be wearing them this spring/summer and probably next year they'll be totally out and just hanging in my wardrobe waiting for them to be "in" again. BUT since they weren't expensive it's okay for me. Actually I always wanted, when it comes to striped pants, black & white ones, but when I saw those creme colored, I fell in love!

Yesterday I got a call from the movie agency I sometimes work with, they want me for a cool project. They are shooting a new austrian movie and I get to be acting a hippie girl in the sixties. I guess they wanted me because of my hair :-D Anyway, tomorrow I'll be trying on my costume and on Tuesday there'll be the shoot. I am excited to tell you what it is all about! But for now, I am wishing you a nice and lovely Wednesday!

Friday, May 3, 2013


Sorry for skipping the post yesterday, I was a bit tired and didn't feel so well. Sadly, I am now starting to get sick, I guess I must have catch a cold the last days. I admit, you can see on the pictures that I didn't feel that good but I wanted to show you my outfit. But I am working on feeling better  because I have a strict schedule today, tomorrow and on Sunday, where I am heading back to Vienna. The pictures show my outfit from yesterday. I had a very lovely lunch date with my best friend from home, if you follow me on my social media you could see that it was her birthday! Yay! So we had a little picknick and of course we had lots of stuff to talk about. I wore this cute shirt I bought at Zara's some months ago. 

We shot the pictures in our garden, everything is blooming and I really wanted to take outfit pictures in between all those lovely flowers and my pants match with the color of the water of our swimming pool :-D At the moment I am in love with those pants, the color is just amazing! And my latest purchase, those new shoes, they are pretty high but very comfortable because of this wedge heel! have a lovely weekend guys, see you on Monday :) 
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