Monday, April 22, 2013


Some of you might know, my biggest dream is in fact,to work some fine day as a journalist, fashion journalist of course, writing for a fashion magazine or working for a television channel, presenting some cool event. Well, since there are lots and lots of people who have the same dream as I am, I try to apply for as much jobs as possible in this TV/newspaper section of the world of work. Remember when I applied for GoTv? Well, that didn't really work out :-D Anyway, this time I am applying for the Life Ball, as they are searching for a live reporter via Facebook. And because I love those challenges when I apply for something, I wanted to do my best by creating a real szenario. 

I don't know if you all, lovely readers, know the Life Ball in Austria, it's kind of a big charity event to fight against AIDS. It's always under a special theme where many artists come, there are fashion shows, there's always a big party I would say ;-) This year's Life Ball is set under "1001 Nights" and they really are doing a glamorous job I can tell you. If you google this, together with Life Ball, the pictures you get are amazing! There's so much sparkling, I can't take my eyes off of them! 
Anyway, you can apply with a simple text, a youtube video or a picture. I chose the text in combination with a picture and here we are! I asked my lovely sister (thanks again :-*) to join me and be my "1001 nights model" where   I play the part of the journalist and she's the star that's coming over on the red carpet :-P thanks to her boyfriend for taking the pictures of the two of us! I took the pictures of her alone and it was nice to be behind the camera some time :-) 

Hope you enjoy my Life Ball pictures, and wish me luck to finally get a job I apply for :-)

source - google

yep, we did, or more than less my sister, did paint her hand like the lady on the picture I uplodad

the skirt by the way is by Forever 21

that's how my application looked like ;-) 

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