Monday, April 8, 2013


Just another manic monday ... I've been really looking forward to showing you this article, since I haven't done such an article before. So please let me know what you think about it, and even if you have some tips, just comment! I'd be glad to improve my home articles ;-)
As you can see, we shot the pictures in my bed in my parents house, I've got a cute four-poster bed, built by my dad and I thought this would be great to do a nice home article. Since the last one is some months ago.

 At the moment I have a huge crush on my new Lancôme lipstick, a very pink one, so I did a natural make up on the pictures, just mascara and this great lipstick. I wore a simple white blouse by H&M that matches with the light background and only the lips pop out. The lipstick was on sale at Müller's that might be the reason why I totally had to have it since it would usually cost about thirty euros which would be pretty much for me. 


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