Monday, April 29, 2013


First of all, this is going to be a long article, with lots of pictures. I just couldn't decide which pictures weren't "good enough" to show, and which were. So I chose those and I hope you like them and tell me what you think about them :-)
As you might have seen on my social media I had a great great Thursday with a friend of mine at the Prater in Vienna. For those of you who don't exactly know what the Viennese Prater is, it's a huge public park, an amusement park where you can just have some coffee or go with the ferris wheel, it's up to you. We did all the funny things we could, we went up high with the traditional ferris wheel and had an amazing view over lovely Vienna, then we took a ride in the ghost train which was actually a bit scary but I loved it anyway. Next thing was this super dance something, I can't exactly remember the name but it was similar to the one in grease at the end of the movie (do you know what I mean? :-D ) Well, and my girl Doris truly loves a rush of adrenalin, that's why we took a ride with something a bit more "wild" than I had imagined. You know, I love ghost trains and that stuff but when it comes to roller coaster I am scared ;-)

Anyway, I chose a simple outfit, my spring blazer, green pants, white tank top and flat green shoes, kept it casual and it did work out pretty good :-) I also took along with me my latest purchase, this lovely yellow bag! I am absolutely in love with it! It makes every gray day warm and comfy and less gray!I hope you'll like today's article as much as I do and comment a lot :)

quick lunch break - my very first "Dürüm" ever .. - veggie 

shoes - Ullmann Fashion
pants - Zara
basic tank top - H&M
blazer - Primark
bag - a tiny shop in Vienna


  1. ich war dort mal vor ein paar jahren. leider hatte ich total schlechtes wetter und es hat richtig schlimm geregnet. an einem so schönen tag wie du dort warst, ist das sicherlich noch etwas schöner. ;)

    1. das ist wirklich schade, bei mir war unheimlich schönes wetter, fast schon zu heiß! Aber vielleicht schaust du ja wieder einmal vorbei und hast mehr Glück :-)


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