Tuesday, April 2, 2013


TWO COLORED BLOUSE It's not that I follow every trend, but as soon as I saw those two colored blouses I needed one! They can even jazz up simple business trousers compared with simple black high heels. Also the colors in this blouse are so lovely! I've seen many in navy or turquoise but this tone is so cute :-) I also read in a magazine the last days, that those two colored blouses are hitting the office now, well, I am not working in an office but if I would, I would definitely wanna wear that combination to work! Maybe with a bigger purse. 

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend, mine was indeed delicious. I am thinking about showing you all that stuff I got to eat during the last two weeks, just because I always eat more at home.
I wish I could pop back into this picture, you see I could even take off my trench to shoot and it wasn't that cold. Arrgh, how I hate the fact that spring isn't coming. Gladly every blogger seems to be annoyed by this matter of fact. 

Also I want to remind you guys, you few followers of tiny lackofcolor blog :-)  Google reader is shutting down by July the first, so I recommend you to follow my blog via Bloglovin and/or Facebook. You can import blogs from Google Reader to Bloglovin. I've also done that, bloglovin is such a great thing to never ever miss a new article of one's favorite blog ;-) I would really appreciate if you guys could do me the favor, and of course yourself!

shoes - a little Italian shoe shop in Linz
pants - H&M
blouse - Forever 21
purse - H&M


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