Friday, April 19, 2013


As you've seen on facebook or twitter, I had a really nice Sunday last week with a friend of mine. We shot those pictures on Naschmarkt as I was wearing my 1993 shirt. Actually, all the stands were closed, but we liked the cool location so we decided to shoot in front of this door. In the last pictures you'll see me with two guys, we've met them as they were probably having a walk together and they asked if they could be on the picture as well ;-)

On that Sunday I wore my lovely mint green coat by Primark. It looks a bit oldschool, but thats why I like it so much. And who would have thought, I am much into wide pants again! I could wear them all the time just because they are so comfy and if you wear heels they can look pretty sexy as well! I decided on those black ones by Zara, they have a little print on but you can't see it on the pictures sadly. The 1993 shirt was made for a college project with friends of mine where we had to design our own print shirt. 1993 is the year I was born and I just wanted to make a cool shirt which reminds of those college shirts.

thanks Mel for taking pictures with me!


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