Tuesday, April 30, 2013


HELLO SUMMER First, I remind myself on a tennis player on this pictures. Second, isn't the weather truly great? Honestly, this pictures were shot last Friday and I could go out just with this tiny skort and this tube top. I missed wearing light clothes, oh how I missed summer. At the moment I am mad about wearing white and a total white look is never wrong in summer times. The two things that add some color to my outfit is the blazer and the bag. Really in this outfit I combined my "at the moment crushes". The skort is kind of a blogger's thing, cause I've seen it on so many blog websites by now. 

I am pretty much in love with this blazer,since it was not very expensive but so classy and chic. I waited to buy it for three weeks just to see that my size wasn't available anymore. I was really mad at myself and then decided to just order it online. I could have avoided shipping charges if I'd only bought the blazer when it was still available. Do you know the movie "he's not that into you"? Yep, I know it and I remembered a scene by now (luckily I could easily google it) 
You love it because you feed off that drama. You all love that drama.
- I don't.
So you never wait until the last minute on a deadline or a phone bill...
because secretly you love the drama of not knowing whether or not you're gonna make it?

Isn't it sad that I remember such things of movies? :-D Anyway, I think this might be a perfect description to what happened to me, except that I am talking about a garment, and the people in the movie about a guy. I really wanted this blazer but when it first came into the stores I was like, there's plenty of time to buy it, cause it will still be available in the next few days or weeks. Unluckily the shop girl told me when it wasn't available anymore that this blazer was there top seller and everybody wanted to have it.. hm. Because of that situation I could call my mother who always tells me to wait until I buy something, and make a small scene. We girls are sometimes pretty crazy and drama queens ... 
(I am wondering now who will read this long article ;-) )

Monday, April 29, 2013


First of all, this is going to be a long article, with lots of pictures. I just couldn't decide which pictures weren't "good enough" to show, and which were. So I chose those and I hope you like them and tell me what you think about them :-)
As you might have seen on my social media I had a great great Thursday with a friend of mine at the Prater in Vienna. For those of you who don't exactly know what the Viennese Prater is, it's a huge public park, an amusement park where you can just have some coffee or go with the ferris wheel, it's up to you. We did all the funny things we could, we went up high with the traditional ferris wheel and had an amazing view over lovely Vienna, then we took a ride in the ghost train which was actually a bit scary but I loved it anyway. Next thing was this super dance something, I can't exactly remember the name but it was similar to the one in grease at the end of the movie (do you know what I mean? :-D ) Well, and my girl Doris truly loves a rush of adrenalin, that's why we took a ride with something a bit more "wild" than I had imagined. You know, I love ghost trains and that stuff but when it comes to roller coaster I am scared ;-)

Anyway, I chose a simple outfit, my spring blazer, green pants, white tank top and flat green shoes, kept it casual and it did work out pretty good :-) I also took along with me my latest purchase, this lovely yellow bag! I am absolutely in love with it! It makes every gray day warm and comfy and less gray!I hope you'll like today's article as much as I do and comment a lot :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013


The weather couldn't be better in lovely Vienna, I don't even need to wear jackets or trenchcoats anymore. But last week there was a single day where it wasn't super warm and I could take out my trench again, and my lovely neon shoes! I have to admit, those super warm degrees came too soon and I really had no time or occassion to wear them.

My outfit was very casual and cool for this rainy day. I thought about wearing the neon shoes with a matchy scarf just to make this rainy, grey day less grey with a pop of color ;-)  And yep, those shoes look totally crazy but thats why I love them so much :-) I guess I am the one and only cause whenever I wear them, people look straight from my shoes up to my face and I think they want to see if my face looks as neon and pink as the shoes ;-)I am super excited because today I'm going to the ferris wheel in Vienna with a friend of mine. Actually I'm a bit afraid of heights but in this case, I totally can't wait to go! I'll be sure to take great pictures for you guys and there'll be a blog article about this experience soon!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Valentina, by Valentino
Today's article is about my favorite perfumes. As you've seen it in some of my goodies posts, I got this lovely Valentino perfume called "Valentina" some time ago. I am absolutley in love with it, kind of my new perfume crush! It's playful, sexy, flowery and sweet. Actually the diesel fragrance "Loverdose" was my crush for the last time, but hey, it's not that I am not allowed to have two crushes at the same time :-) 
Unfortunately my big perfume love is still the one by Lancôme "la vie est belle". I've always wanted this perfume but it's too expensive for me as a student, so I'll just dream of having this wonderful scent. Another love of mine is "Amor,amor" by Cacharel, it has this unbelievable sweet scent. A very romantic perfume I'd say. The last one in my list is this simple fragrance by Naomi Campbell. I love all of the Naomi Campbell perfumes but this one has really got me, so I keep buying it whenever it's empty.

I could list tons of perfumes I really like but I decided on those with which I couldn't spend a day without ;-) As you can see, I'm more the romantic type of perfumes but I'd love to try some other scents. Just comment below and I'll get myself a sample :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Last week I spent a funny afternoon with my friends at Kurt's frozen yogurt bar. I've never tried frozen yogurt before but I love it by now! I ordered rasberry yogurt, mango, ananas and this crunchy muesli! It was indeed delicious (and preeeetty cold)! It's funny that I moved to lovely Vienna in October and still don't know every very important place to go. Thanks to my sister and my friends who always show me some unique places, restaurants and stuff.

The outfit I wore on that day was very casual. Casual Zara pants, casual shoes and a lovely shirt with horses on by h&m ;-) 

Monday, April 22, 2013


Some of you might know, my biggest dream is in fact,to work some fine day as a journalist, fashion journalist of course, writing for a fashion magazine or working for a television channel, presenting some cool event. Well, since there are lots and lots of people who have the same dream as I am, I try to apply for as much jobs as possible in this TV/newspaper section of the world of work. Remember when I applied for GoTv? Well, that didn't really work out :-D Anyway, this time I am applying for the Life Ball, as they are searching for a live reporter via Facebook. And because I love those challenges when I apply for something, I wanted to do my best by creating a real szenario. 

I don't know if you all, lovely readers, know the Life Ball in Austria, it's kind of a big charity event to fight against AIDS. It's always under a special theme where many artists come, there are fashion shows, there's always a big party I would say ;-) This year's Life Ball is set under "1001 Nights" and they really are doing a glamorous job I can tell you. If you google this, together with Life Ball, the pictures you get are amazing! There's so much sparkling, I can't take my eyes off of them! 
Anyway, you can apply with a simple text, a youtube video or a picture. I chose the text in combination with a picture and here we are! I asked my lovely sister (thanks again :-*) to join me and be my "1001 nights model" where   I play the part of the journalist and she's the star that's coming over on the red carpet :-P thanks to her boyfriend for taking the pictures of the two of us! I took the pictures of her alone and it was nice to be behind the camera some time :-) 

Hope you enjoy my Life Ball pictures, and wish me luck to finally get a job I apply for :-)

source - google

Friday, April 19, 2013


As you've seen on facebook or twitter, I had a really nice Sunday last week with a friend of mine. We shot those pictures on Naschmarkt as I was wearing my 1993 shirt. Actually, all the stands were closed, but we liked the cool location so we decided to shoot in front of this door. In the last pictures you'll see me with two guys, we've met them as they were probably having a walk together and they asked if they could be on the picture as well ;-)

On that Sunday I wore my lovely mint green coat by Primark. It looks a bit oldschool, but thats why I like it so much. And who would have thought, I am much into wide pants again! I could wear them all the time just because they are so comfy and if you wear heels they can look pretty sexy as well! I decided on those black ones by Zara, they have a little print on but you can't see it on the pictures sadly. The 1993 shirt was made for a college project with friends of mine where we had to design our own print shirt. 1993 is the year I was born and I just wanted to make a cool shirt which reminds of those college shirts.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Last week I bought this totally cool hat at h&m's. I've been looking for such a hat for quite a long time and finally I have it :-) So the other day, on Thursday I really had to wear it. I went for a simple look, it reminded me of indie and festival season and this song "Big city life". Actually I didn't really like that old song but I had a bad catchy tune of it all day long. That's why I named the article after it ;-) Remember when I said in winter time how I love my Zara shirt with those ruches because it reminds me of winter time? (click here  to see the article) Well, I did wear it last week because I felt like it is perfect for spring! haha, this shirt is just perfect for every kind of season I guess!  

Anyway, I am pretty happy at the moment and I think this is just because of the weather. It's so good to wake up, see the sun rising and I really feel more motivated! I even go jogging every second day, which is usually not my kind of style. But you'll see this week on lackofcolor the one thing, which totally got me and which is probably the reason why I like to go jogging now ;-) so stay tuned and have a nice start into the week! 

Monday, April 8, 2013


Just another manic monday ... I've been really looking forward to showing you this article, since I haven't done such an article before. So please let me know what you think about it, and even if you have some tips, just comment! I'd be glad to improve my home articles ;-)
As you can see, we shot the pictures in my bed in my parents house, I've got a cute four-poster bed, built by my dad and I thought this would be great to do a nice home article. Since the last one is some months ago.

 At the moment I have a huge crush on my new Lancôme lipstick, a very pink one, so I did a natural make up on the pictures, just mascara and this great lipstick. I wore a simple white blouse by H&M that matches with the light background and only the lips pop out. The lipstick was on sale at Müller's that might be the reason why I totally had to have it since it would usually cost about thirty euros which would be pretty much for me. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013


RAINY, SNOWY Seriously the weather is making me go crazy. It's hard to find anything nice to wear when it's whether raining or snowing or both at the same time. Yesterday I wore my boyfriend jeans for a chill out shopping day with my sister in the city of Linz. We went shoe shopping because the best shoe shop is in Linz, there's no question about it. I got myself the cutest shoes ever, you'll see them soon in an upcoming post! Very excited about your opinion! 

The outfit yesterday was pretty relaxing but chic as well. I haven't worn my boyfriend jeans in years! I went for something very minimalistic but chic, a white oversized blazer, white tank top and black heels. It's always a good choice if you wan't to look well dressed but not too much. The scarf and handbag bring a little color into my outfit, as always :-) hope you enjoy the pictures! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


TWO COLORED BLOUSE It's not that I follow every trend, but as soon as I saw those two colored blouses I needed one! They can even jazz up simple business trousers compared with simple black high heels. Also the colors in this blouse are so lovely! I've seen many in navy or turquoise but this tone is so cute :-) I also read in a magazine the last days, that those two colored blouses are hitting the office now, well, I am not working in an office but if I would, I would definitely wanna wear that combination to work! Maybe with a bigger purse. 

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend, mine was indeed delicious. I am thinking about showing you all that stuff I got to eat during the last two weeks, just because I always eat more at home.
I wish I could pop back into this picture, you see I could even take off my trench to shoot and it wasn't that cold. Arrgh, how I hate the fact that spring isn't coming. Gladly every blogger seems to be annoyed by this matter of fact. 

Also I want to remind you guys, you few followers of tiny lackofcolor blog :-)  Google reader is shutting down by July the first, so I recommend you to follow my blog via Bloglovin and/or Facebook. You can import blogs from Google Reader to Bloglovin. I've also done that, bloglovin is such a great thing to never ever miss a new article of one's favorite blog ;-) I would really appreciate if you guys could do me the favor, and of course yourself!

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