Thursday, March 28, 2013


Wearing my fake fur at the end of March is like the craziest thing I could have ever imagined. I really like to wear it but not at this time of the year. I can't even remember what I wore in the last years at this time, but definitely nothing so cosy and furry. But since we all have to deal with the weather, we shot another article with this beloved fake fur sourrounded by snow. Although there was snow around me, I was saying to myself, you should totally wear something in light colors that reminds of spring, even if spring isn't here. So I choose to wear my light rosé pants which look white on the pictures, but trust me, they're light rosé ;-) And I wore Converse! If you follow my blog you know that I don't wear sporty shoes a lot. I am not running around in heels all the time but I like to keep my shoes elegant.

Turns out, this time I said to myself, get the old white Converse back on your feet. Done. And I really liked that feeling. The last time I wore those might be .. two or three years ago (I've got three pairs of Converse and wear them like, never) Because of this nice feeling (I really felt sporty and as big as a basketball player - haha ) I am now playing with the thought to shoot more outfits with them and actually wear them more often. Challenge accepted!

shoes - Converse All Star in white
pants - Zara SS12
fake fur - H&M
the red leather bag was a gift

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