Thursday, March 7, 2013


LATE POST Today I'm doing the most typical article I know - the what's in my bag article. Typical for every blogger because nearly everybody does this, and now me as well. It's not that I don't know what to show you anymore, oh my gosh, no - it's just that I thought between all those outfit posts I want to show you something more I do all day long. Like this evening, I'm going to a concert, but more about this tomorrow on the blog.
Today it's about my usual bag. Women tend to put everything in their bag which is probably needed, but I learned to organize myself, although I like big bags more, I can go out with small ones as well without going crazy because I can't put all my drawers in it. 

The basic things in my handbag are: my mobile phone (and yep I don't own a cool Iphone) my Ipod (yep I do own an Ipod and I take it with my everywhere) this lovely money bag by Zara, got it from my sisters, oh I am in love with it!
Of course I take (most of the time) my agenda with me, and a pencil I got from my bf which looks just so cute! 
On sunny days my rayban wayfarer is needed so much! I fell in love with this sunnies a long time ago and still love them a lot!

Beauty stuff in my bag: chap stick from bebe, my powder by GOSH, my latest crush on lipsticks - L'Oreal Coral and handcreme by Neutrogena to keep my hands soft and moisturized. 

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