Monday, March 25, 2013


HOPES FOR SPRING I really thought spring could finally come until I saw out of the window this morning. Snow.... well, not much snow but enough for me because I already mentioned in one of my articles in February that I don't want to take any pictures for lackofcolor in snow anymore. That could be a problem now. But lucky me, we took those on the weekend before I went to have lunch with my mother in Linz. Yeah, sorry for not taking pictures in Linz, anyway it was a great day.

So I was wearing my lovely turquoise blazer and those awesome round sunglasses. It makes a cool look I guess. My bag adds some more color into this black and white look. For shopping I always prefer flat shoes, way more comfy and those black loafers are easy to take off as well. I am really into those sunglasses. I've seen similar ones in a magazine some time ago and knew that I wanted mirrored sunglasses for this summer! Usually I am not buying new sunglasses because I love my ray ban wayfarer, but this one I just had to. My crush on those was too big. I also think whatever you wear, cool sunglasses can make your look much better than it is. It also is very practical for a day without make up ;-) 

shoes - bought them somewhere in Italy
tights - Tezenis
skirt - H&M
blouse - H&M
blazer - Ann Christine
bag - Nussbag Classic
sunglasses - H&M

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