Tuesday, March 5, 2013


SONY CAMERA Yesterday I went to the preview of "Die Frau in mir" together with my lovely cousin Sophie. If you can remember, that was the movie I joined in november 2012 short after moving to lovely Vienna. I was invited to see the movie before it's coming out and promptly asked Sophie to come with me. I decided to wear something casual but chic - striped shirt, white blazer, black pants and those awesome red boots (I've never worn before). The pictures are shot with my tiny and cute sony camera, which I always take with me when my bag is not big enough for my real camera, or just for fun when going out. 

So we had some wine first, talked to really gorgeous people, ate very delicious tidbits and then at 8 p.m we went into the cinema. We also got some sort of "goodie package" - the latest woman magazine, popcorn and a bottle of water, which I find veeeery attentive because at the cinema I always take my own bottle of water with me because while watching a movie I always get thirsty. Coming to the movie itself, it was kind of a weird story, for me a bit too fictitious, but that's just my opinion because I always like movies with a real story, or at least a story that could be real. But something very made up that it's not possible on earth isn't my thing, except of Harry Potter of course, that will always be "my thing" ;-) All in all it was a really great evening and I would love to join the puls4 community again! 
Well, that was my monday evening, movie preview of "die Frau in mir" which you all (in Austria) can see on Saturday at Puls4 8.15 p.m. 

my lovely cousin Sophie 

with the goodies package

both wearing colorful heels at the preview

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