Monday, March 11, 2013


MONDAY To tell you, I am always excited when Monday comes back, just because I feel more motivated when another week starts and when I get to write another article for you (yep I am crazy) This Monday is all about those blue pants I am wearing on the pictures. I bought them last week at Zara's and they were so much on sale, I couldn't resist. (really, I am honestly telling you, I payed ten euros instead of fifty) Then one of my friends had a birthday party, and it was the best occassion to wear them. I thought about doing my outfit in this blue color, and decided on blue shoes and a different colored but still blue shirt - eyecatcher might have been the clutch bag. It's so tiny!! You can't even put your cellphone in it (or I just can't because mine is just too big)

Do you know the feeling when you are completely satisfied with an outfit? Well, I was that evening - it was comfy and elegant, everything I wanted. 
Since this week is starting I am back on college - last week I had free-time all the time, this week my classes are starting and I back on reading, writing and listening. But I think that's okay, because I am a person that's quite quick bored and so I always need something to do to keep me up and motivated. (that's probably why I started the blog, to fill my time with the things I love)  

shoes - H&M
pants - Zara
shirt - Vero Moda
trenchcoat - Mango
clutch - Forever 21

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