Thursday, March 21, 2013


GOING HOME The last time I was at home I shot those pictures, the weather wasn't really good so now I am more curious to know how the weather is now. I am so looking forward to wearing spring clothing in my holidays and I really don't want to see any snow out there. Today's article is in black and white, I may have mentioned it that I like black and white pictures a lot, so I thought about doing this again, maybe a monthly black and white campaign? Well, we'll see. 

I was wearing my lovely new cape on the pictures, it is so gorgeous that I could wear it all the time. If the pictures would be in color you could see that the cape, the pants and the shoes are in the similar color, I like to wear a " one-colored-outfit". Since we shot them outside, my cat was around and I thought about taking pictures with her ;-) I've seen some bloggers doing that, I guess cat-pictures are really loved by readers. The cute thing is, that she really looks into the camera, usually she hates being photographed but that time she really enjoyed it, haha! Anyway, she is just too cute. 

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