Wednesday, March 20, 2013


There are still some pictures of the shooting with Michael S. outstanding, like this one. I was wearing a black shirt by Zara and this lovely skirt by Mango. It's kind of the perfect summer outfit with flat shoes or high heels, the choice is yours. The focus was definitely the make up, hence my face ;-) My favorite picture might be the first one. Everything's right in here. Michael, Isabella and I are doing some more when spring/summer finally arrives. Looking forward to!

Sharing with you those pictures might be the best occassion to tell you, that my friend Isabella (who always does my make up when it comes to a shooting with Michael) opened a Beauty channel on youtube. You can now follow her and try out her make up tricks. Click here to see her latest tips and tricks on make up trends. It's always fun to work with her and this make up was definitely something I could never have done myself. Honestly I am not good in doing different kinds of make up. But that is another story ;-)

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