Thursday, March 14, 2013


SEE ANY DIFFERENCE? Those pictures were actually taken at home, but I totally forgot to share it with you. So here they are, there's even snow around me on the pictures, BUT also sun is shining. It was kind of the first time that spring came to my hometown, I think now most of the snow must have been melted, but I can't tell you until I get to be home again in about one week. I was wearing my new black shoes, if you can remember, I throw away the old black ones and "had to" buy new ones - here they are. Some lovely black shoes by H&M. Making me a tiny bit taller everyday I'm wearing them, but are super comfy, and that's what I like!

If you take a look at my blog now for a second, you might see that there's something changed ... yep. I made a new header. I was thinking about this whole header-thing about some time now and on Sunday I finally sat down and draw this little girl which you can see on the left side. I scanned it onto the computer and did the writing with photoshop. All in all it's not a overwhelming header but I love it anyway, and I needed it to be more like me, or at least, something that I made all by myself. I am excited to hear what you think of it!
have a nice and lovely thursday!

shoes - H&M
pants - Zara
blouse - Vero Moda
blazer - Mango
fake fur jacket - Forever 21
sunglasses - Rayban


  1. Adorable look.....i love this are realy beautiful girl....
    What you think about we follow each ether on GCP, facebook e bloglovin??
    thank you and big kiss dear

  2. thanks a lot girl :-) I checked out your blog, you can follow me on bloglovin and facebook if you want, and I'll do the same for you ;-)


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