Friday, March 29, 2013


FINALLY sun showed up yesterday. It was the perfect weather for my new Mango dress and I choose to wear it with black tights and my lovely red shoes by Ullmann Fashion. Also I did straighten my hair; after my hair care post I thought about straightening them so you could see how this makes me look and also I love the feeling of having straight hair. Even though I still have lots of hair then. 

There's not much going on at the moment. Easter holidays you all know. The weeks where you get so lazy just because of lying around, reading, eating and seeing relatives. It's like christmas but the weather is better. Except that this year, it's heavy snowing. Can't believe we shot those pictures yesterday and today I won't leave the house without my beanie. This is sad. But what are your plans for easter holidays? I am going to see as many friends as possible, probably go shopping, and tomorrow I'll be at a thermal bath to relax a bit. I love swimming and I miss this so much in winter time. Also it's a great workout and we all should work on our bodies cause summer's coming along!

shoes - Andrea Ullmann Fashion Trading
dress - Mango
clutch - Forever 21

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Wearing my fake fur at the end of March is like the craziest thing I could have ever imagined. I really like to wear it but not at this time of the year. I can't even remember what I wore in the last years at this time, but definitely nothing so cosy and furry. But since we all have to deal with the weather, we shot another article with this beloved fake fur sourrounded by snow. Although there was snow around me, I was saying to myself, you should totally wear something in light colors that reminds of spring, even if spring isn't here. So I choose to wear my light rosé pants which look white on the pictures, but trust me, they're light rosé ;-) And I wore Converse! If you follow my blog you know that I don't wear sporty shoes a lot. I am not running around in heels all the time but I like to keep my shoes elegant.

Turns out, this time I said to myself, get the old white Converse back on your feet. Done. And I really liked that feeling. The last time I wore those might be .. two or three years ago (I've got three pairs of Converse and wear them like, never) Because of this nice feeling (I really felt sporty and as big as a basketball player - haha ) I am now playing with the thought to shoot more outfits with them and actually wear them more often. Challenge accepted!

Monday, March 25, 2013


HOPES FOR SPRING I really thought spring could finally come until I saw out of the window this morning. Snow.... well, not much snow but enough for me because I already mentioned in one of my articles in February that I don't want to take any pictures for lackofcolor in snow anymore. That could be a problem now. But lucky me, we took those on the weekend before I went to have lunch with my mother in Linz. Yeah, sorry for not taking pictures in Linz, anyway it was a great day.

So I was wearing my lovely turquoise blazer and those awesome round sunglasses. It makes a cool look I guess. My bag adds some more color into this black and white look. For shopping I always prefer flat shoes, way more comfy and those black loafers are easy to take off as well. I am really into those sunglasses. I've seen similar ones in a magazine some time ago and knew that I wanted mirrored sunglasses for this summer! Usually I am not buying new sunglasses because I love my ray ban wayfarer, but this one I just had to. My crush on those was too big. I also think whatever you wear, cool sunglasses can make your look much better than it is. It also is very practical for a day without make up ;-) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


GOING HOME The last time I was at home I shot those pictures, the weather wasn't really good so now I am more curious to know how the weather is now. I am so looking forward to wearing spring clothing in my holidays and I really don't want to see any snow out there. Today's article is in black and white, I may have mentioned it that I like black and white pictures a lot, so I thought about doing this again, maybe a monthly black and white campaign? Well, we'll see. 

I was wearing my lovely new cape on the pictures, it is so gorgeous that I could wear it all the time. If the pictures would be in color you could see that the cape, the pants and the shoes are in the similar color, I like to wear a " one-colored-outfit". Since we shot them outside, my cat was around and I thought about taking pictures with her ;-) I've seen some bloggers doing that, I guess cat-pictures are really loved by readers. The cute thing is, that she really looks into the camera, usually she hates being photographed but that time she really enjoyed it, haha! Anyway, she is just too cute. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


There are still some pictures of the shooting with Michael S. outstanding, like this one. I was wearing a black shirt by Zara and this lovely skirt by Mango. It's kind of the perfect summer outfit with flat shoes or high heels, the choice is yours. The focus was definitely the make up, hence my face ;-) My favorite picture might be the first one. Everything's right in here. Michael, Isabella and I are doing some more when spring/summer finally arrives. Looking forward to!

Sharing with you those pictures might be the best occassion to tell you, that my friend Isabella (who always does my make up when it comes to a shooting with Michael) opened a Beauty channel on youtube. You can now follow her and try out her make up tricks. Click here to see her latest tips and tricks on make up trends. It's always fun to work with her and this make up was definitely something I could never have done myself. Honestly I am not good in doing different kinds of make up. But that is another story ;-)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


SUNDAY WALK AND TALK On Sunday the weather was truly nice. Although it was windy, reeeally reaally windy, the sun was shining and I missed this a lot. I went for a walk with a friend of mine who also shot the pictures and it was really nice. I just love to go for a walk on a Sunday morning or afternoon, or both (what I actually did on Sunday) And in Vienna there's always something to see. Even on a Sunday early morning. The pictures are quite fun actually because my hair was blown away all the time ;-) 

Unfortunately the weather now is as bad as you can imagine. I was really prepared for spring, easter holidays, light clothing but I guess I can forget this. Well, besides of the weather problems, there's not much going on. But I can tell you, when I am coming back home, which will be in short time, I get to know more about my bag collection and I am really excited. They should be produced now and ready to sell in some weeks. And this is really exciting. I am so looking forward to seeing the results because, let's say, those which were made by me didn't look so bad, but I'm sure that the other ones will look more professionell. yay!

Monday, March 18, 2013


ST PATRICKS DAY Well, in Vienna I didn't see much St.Patrick's Day Fans but I tried to find a nice green look for myself. I had a walk around my neighborhood because, what else on a Sunday than relaxing and going for a walk? It was such a windy day, in fact it is now as well, but sometimes I had the feeling the wind is taking me from place to place, and not my feet - haha!

I guess if you really want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Vienna, you should have go to one of those Irish pubs, unfortunately I missed that so I can't tell you what's it like to party there in green, but maybe some fine day I'll get to know that. My weekend was pretty relaxing, staying in bed a lot, watching TV a lot, well let's say I was lazy but sometimes I gotta be like that. Since it is Monday again, I'm starting in a new, wonderful week, and first thing after publishing this article will be a quick jogging round.

Wish you all a nice and sunny Monday! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013


SEE ANY DIFFERENCE? Those pictures were actually taken at home, but I totally forgot to share it with you. So here they are, there's even snow around me on the pictures, BUT also sun is shining. It was kind of the first time that spring came to my hometown, I think now most of the snow must have been melted, but I can't tell you until I get to be home again in about one week. I was wearing my new black shoes, if you can remember, I throw away the old black ones and "had to" buy new ones - here they are. Some lovely black shoes by H&M. Making me a tiny bit taller everyday I'm wearing them, but are super comfy, and that's what I like!

If you take a look at my blog now for a second, you might see that there's something changed ... yep. I made a new header. I was thinking about this whole header-thing about some time now and on Sunday I finally sat down and draw this little girl which you can see on the left side. I scanned it onto the computer and did the writing with photoshop. All in all it's not a overwhelming header but I love it anyway, and I needed it to be more like me, or at least, something that I made all by myself. I am excited to hear what you think of it!
have a nice and lovely thursday!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


SECOND SHOOTING LOOK It's again another M. Smolka photgraphy  article, just because I haven't shown you the last three, so now here's look two out of four. When I set this outfit together I would have never thought that I'd look so much like a tiny barbie with just the additional make up. It was so much fun to turn into "someone else" for that time. MUA Soraya did such a great work on that make up, I was in love with this lipstick. This shooting was probably the most funniest, just because of the whole outfit, make up thing. Also as you can see on my hair, it looks kind of bi-colored don't you think? this ombré thing is totally in trend now but I honestly just wanted to stop dying my hair .. haha.

Some short words to the outfit - I really love this striped shirt because it always reminds me of summer and spring. I guess it's the colors in it, which always remind me of how awesome it is to dress in bright colors when the sun is shining. The skirt by Zara is just too cute, unfortunately we did this shoot in february, where, as you can see, I am not tanned and yep, especially my legs look like they've never seen sun before ;-) 

Monday, March 11, 2013


MONDAY To tell you, I am always excited when Monday comes back, just because I feel more motivated when another week starts and when I get to write another article for you (yep I am crazy) This Monday is all about those blue pants I am wearing on the pictures. I bought them last week at Zara's and they were so much on sale, I couldn't resist. (really, I am honestly telling you, I payed ten euros instead of fifty) Then one of my friends had a birthday party, and it was the best occassion to wear them. I thought about doing my outfit in this blue color, and decided on blue shoes and a different colored but still blue shirt - eyecatcher might have been the clutch bag. It's so tiny!! You can't even put your cellphone in it (or I just can't because mine is just too big)

Do you know the feeling when you are completely satisfied with an outfit? Well, I was that evening - it was comfy and elegant, everything I wanted. 
Since this week is starting I am back on college - last week I had free-time all the time, this week my classes are starting and I back on reading, writing and listening. But I think that's okay, because I am a person that's quite quick bored and so I always need something to do to keep me up and motivated. (that's probably why I started the blog, to fill my time with the things I love)  

Thursday, March 7, 2013


LATE POST Today I'm doing the most typical article I know - the what's in my bag article. Typical for every blogger because nearly everybody does this, and now me as well. It's not that I don't know what to show you anymore, oh my gosh, no - it's just that I thought between all those outfit posts I want to show you something more I do all day long. Like this evening, I'm going to a concert, but more about this tomorrow on the blog.
Today it's about my usual bag. Women tend to put everything in their bag which is probably needed, but I learned to organize myself, although I like big bags more, I can go out with small ones as well without going crazy because I can't put all my drawers in it. 

The basic things in my handbag are: my mobile phone (and yep I don't own a cool Iphone) my Ipod (yep I do own an Ipod and I take it with my everywhere) this lovely money bag by Zara, got it from my sisters, oh I am in love with it!
Of course I take (most of the time) my agenda with me, and a pencil I got from my bf which looks just so cute! 
On sunny days my rayban wayfarer is needed so much! I fell in love with this sunnies a long time ago and still love them a lot!

Beauty stuff in my bag: chap stick from bebe, my powder by GOSH, my latest crush on lipsticks - L'Oreal Coral and handcreme by Neutrogena to keep my hands soft and moisturized. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


SONY CAMERA Yesterday I went to the preview of "Die Frau in mir" together with my lovely cousin Sophie. If you can remember, that was the movie I joined in november 2012 short after moving to lovely Vienna. I was invited to see the movie before it's coming out and promptly asked Sophie to come with me. I decided to wear something casual but chic - striped shirt, white blazer, black pants and those awesome red boots (I've never worn before). The pictures are shot with my tiny and cute sony camera, which I always take with me when my bag is not big enough for my real camera, or just for fun when going out. 

So we had some wine first, talked to really gorgeous people, ate very delicious tidbits and then at 8 p.m we went into the cinema. We also got some sort of "goodie package" - the latest woman magazine, popcorn and a bottle of water, which I find veeeery attentive because at the cinema I always take my own bottle of water with me because while watching a movie I always get thirsty. Coming to the movie itself, it was kind of a weird story, for me a bit too fictitious, but that's just my opinion because I always like movies with a real story, or at least a story that could be real. But something very made up that it's not possible on earth isn't my thing, except of Harry Potter of course, that will always be "my thing" ;-) All in all it was a really great evening and I would love to join the puls4 community again! 
Well, that was my monday evening, movie preview of "die Frau in mir" which you all (in Austria) can see on Saturday at Puls4 8.15 p.m. 

Monday, March 4, 2013


LAST WINTER LOOK I really mean it, by saying this is my last winter look, because I can't stand the snow anymore. I would like to have more snow in the months before christmas, like november and december, instead of the months after christmas, january, february, and march! But since I'm going back to lovely Vienna today, I am in a good mood to see the city without snow and with lots of sunshine, because I am absolutelty craving for sunshine! Anyway, this is my last winter look, hopefully, and I combined my absolute winter fav. color in it - burgundy. Since Spring will be more focusing on bright red, I thought about a last look with burgundy (we'll see if it's the last)

It's not much to say about this look, I really like the velvet Mango skirt becaue it's reeeeeally comfy, and the leather shirt as well, it's not real leather by the way. I just wanted to wear something nice and comfy, which I kind of always want to (crazy for some blogging girl, hm?) .. and yep, I totally made it I guess :)
For those who don't know, I finished the handbag collection by yesterday and I am excited to tell you about further collaborations, but at the moment I can't tell you anything new. Stay tuned, there'll come news! ;-) 

Have a nice Monday!
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