Friday, February 8, 2013


WALKING IN THE SNOW In my hometown there's still lots of snow, compared to lovely Vienna it looks like a giant snowball when looking through the window. On the one hand I really like the snow, but on the other hand I am so ready for spring right now! Can't tell you how my winter coats and jackets make me feel sad because they just don't match with my attitude anymore (it's not that I don't like them anymore, it's just that I wanna wear something else) But before spring really starts I'll share snowy pictures with you, and try to show you my real outfit underneath.

Like today, it's about stripes. It's a really simple outfit but I like the striped shirt (h&m) a lot. And it does look good underneath this green asos coat. The bag is a new one, bought at Primark's about a week ago, totally awesome for university stuff because of it's size. And I absolutely love the color. (can't tell you how many brown bags I own by now - haha) 

coat - Asos
shirt - H&M
jeans - Killah
shoes - H&M
bag - Primark


  1. The color of that coat is just GORGEOUS!!! & the fur around the collar makes it even more beautiful

    xo Tranay


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