Thursday, November 22, 2012


Between all those outfit posts I like to share other things with you, like my room in lovely Vienna. Since I am sharing a 60m² apartment with my awesome roommate and best friend, I can tell you that my room is not the largest, but I love it anyway. It is a two bedroom apartment with a living room, seperate kitchen and bathroom, which makes it absolutely perfect for us. Since my room is not that big, I do all things creative, like sew and sketch in the living room. At first it was a bit of a struggle, do furnish my room, since it is pretty narrow and long, but I think I did a pretty good job. 

On the first picture you can see the painting of Audrey Hepburn made by my siste. I've seen this Audrey Hepburn picture at IKEA's and really wanted it but it was too expensive for me at the age of 15, so my lovely sister painted it for me on my wall in my room at home und again when I was moving out to Vienna because secretly, I can't live without it. I've seen every movie with Audrey and I've always loved her style and her smile. She was such a cutie and such an inspiration!

the place where I work, listen to music, and write all those lovely blog articles (by the way, the desk is an old teacher's desk from a school in my hometown - I just painted it white!)
this little plant was a gift by my sister Sabrina, and on the right side there's a room divider by IKEA

above my chest of drawers there's this shelve; on the right side there are my favorite books and I like to stack them instead of putting them side by side, this also leaves more space on the shelve for my lovely cameras (the big one was used to take this picture, from left to the right - diana mini and fisheye by Lomography and my little Sony compact camera to take some snap shots) you can also see gloves from the time when I was doing Karate which I did quite a long time; underneath the shelve there are some scarfs put into those metal rings which keep the shelve stable

TV, picture frame with me and my family, all my dvd's stapled again, next to it my sewing kit and down here there are my photo albums and some folder with university stuff in it
this chest of drawers used to be my parents' one when they were younger but I totally loved it from the beginning so I needed to get it when they had their bedroom changed; on the right side there's a fake orchid because I can't cope with plants quite well and in the middle you can see my two favorite parfums - loverdose by diesel and a naomi campbell parfum where I can't remember the name actually

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