Thursday, February 28, 2013


H&M ALL OVER I am in love with this pullover-skirt-combination that allows me to pull the pullover over the skirt – which makes me look like a fat girly girl, but it is way more comfy than stucking the thick pullover into the skirt – BUT I did found a great alternative as you can see on the pictures. At first it was weird to see my lovely pullover like this, but when I look at the pictures now I really like the way I did stuck it into the skirt, but just half of it. What do you think about it? It's by the way an h&m all over outfit, except the bag and the tights, but all the other items were bought at h&m. This is also a very comfy outfit for some nice lunch or coffee break, which I do need all the time at the moment. I don’t like coffee but as you all know, if you follow my social media (if you don’t, then do it quickly now) I am stuck at home, working hard on my handbag collection for leather&more, a nice young company which asked me to be there designer for their first handbag collection. Therefore I need some power naps in between sitting in front of my sewing machine. Those power naps include eating ananas, drinking water or chatting with my mum, or just lying around on my lovely couch.

well, that's my life at the moment, but on Monday I'm heading back to Vienna for summer term of University, yay!


  1. Der Pullover und die Tasche sind der Hammer! Sind die gerade aktuell bei H&M?

    Lg Jasmin

  2. Hey, Jasmin, der Pullover ist von der letzten Winterkollektion bei H&M, vermutlich nicht mehr da - die Tasche gibts bei Primark, hab ich erst kürzlich dort gekauft :-)

  3. Ein wunderbares Outfit! Steht dir fantastisch. :)

    Pink Fox


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