Monday, February 25, 2013


pictures by Michael Smolka Photography

MICHAEL SMOLKA PHOTOGRAPHY Again something I made myself - this lovely light rosé summer coat was made by me in June 2012. I saw a similar one on TV while watching GG - Blair wore this awesome coat in pink but with other pockets and a collar - I just liked the curves on it's length. So here I am, in one of the studio's where Michael usually takes pictures when it's way too cold outstide. This time our shooting took us four hours, two make ups, four outfits and two different hairstyles. I never wear such a heavy and strong make up but it was so much fun to see me looking like a barbie (pictures coming soon) or wear those incredible fake lashes in green (picture on my fb page). Let's just say, it was a great experience I wouldn't wanna miss. 

The make up and hairstyle was made (as always) by the lovely miss Bella Soraya - Make up artist. You can check out her fb page by clicking here. I think she really did a great job, the course on my eyelid looks amazing, and I also fell in love with those fake lashes - really comfy not to apply mascara in the morning ;-) The idea behind my outfit was to concentrate on spring/summer - since it was shot inside I could totatlly wear something light! 

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