Sunday, February 17, 2013

HISTORY by sophie

Today I decided to categories my articels in different genres, first I will start with a little history and culture. As in my article of yesterday already mentioned I originally come from Bavaria, a country of full traditions and customs. However I am since approx. 3 months in Ravensburg, which lies in likewise beautiful Baden-Wuerttemberg and thus different tradition maintains and lives. Thus it came which I today witnesses one, in my opinion, very fascinating tradition became and had itself naturally directly over the historical ones background informed. The custom of which I speak is called “spark fires” and has like the name already says with a large fire to do. As fuel material the Christian trees of the inhabitants of Ravensburg are used for the big fire.
Background of this burn is driving the winter, bad thougts and before all bad spirits out from the city. In former times people believed that winter, which makes bad more possesses, only fire can help to. Symbolically they also burn witch dolls (or sometimes even genuine witches?!) with the big fire down. In the today's time no more witch is naturally used, but only the Christian trees, which are already much drying and by it enormously many sparks produce. In a star-clear night, how we have here today, that is a true pageant. Unfortunately my pictures are not the best, however I will show you them.

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