Saturday, February 16, 2013

HI... by sophie

Sunglasses - Trussardi
Bikini - H&M

New day, new experience. Now we write the year 2013 and in that case I decided to be more spontaneous, a way more brave, adventurous and some more things I hardly remember. Anyway… I’m a little bit nervous, because this is the first time I write an article for a blog, at that point I will thank you, my lovely Carmen, to give me the opportunity to check out how it is to write a blog. Please, be kind with me, my English isn’t that good.

First of all I will introduce myself and tell you something about me. My name is Sophie and I’m 22. After five years of Fashion School, I decided to do an Internship at the big and fabulous Company “Ravensburger”. Now I live in Ravensburg since 3 month and I love it so much. Ravensburg is a small city located near Lake Constance. It is a city full of history and culture, but more later. I have two awesome siblings, my older brother, named Lukas is 26 and my sister, Lena is 24.

But now enough of my Family. In the next five days I will show you some interesting things about Art, Photography and so on. I hope you like it, I will give my best.

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