Wednesday, February 6, 2013


SMOLKA PHOTOGRAPHY When I did the photoshoot with M. Smolka from Michael Smolka Photography I was wearing my selfmade blue coat and I didn't show you the pictures by now, so I thought sharing them with you today. It's also the best way to tell you, that there will be some more collaborations with M.Smolka and Make up Artist Soraya. I am really excited about the studio shooting we've planned for this weekend in Vienna. There'll be lots of spring and summer outfits so be sure to check out the blog by next week quite frequently.

Also the shoots for my first video are coming to it's end and I am more than excited to show you what we did and of course the result. I will upload it probably on Monday or if I just can't wait there'll be a special weekend-post. But here are the pictures with M. Smolka, I really like his work a lot, it's fun to shoot with him. The coat I was wearing is made by me, when I was still in fashion school, the shoes are from h&m and I bought the lovely blue bag at Primark. But best color is still the color of the coat. I just love it, because it pops out in all the pictures and I think that's a really good way to defy the dark and grey weather. 

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