Tuesday, February 26, 2013


FULL OF SNOW I was really excited to show you my new investment, my new shoes which I bought in Pietrasanta last week! Yay for new shoes! I just love buying shoes - especially in Italy - because there I can find high heels in size 35! whoop! It's quite annoying that everybody in Austria has such big foot that I can't find shoes in size 35 ;-)
Well, besides my shoe problem we are full of snow in my hometown in Upper Austria. That might be the reason why my post today is so late - yep, helped my mother to dig away the snow! But this kind of morning exercise was really good for me - now I feel more fresh and motivated than before! You should totally dig snow if you live in such a country - good for your stomach muscles ;-)

I wore this outfit just the other day after coming back from Italy and it was really comfy and kept me warm all day. This red beanie always reminds me of christmas and even though christmas time is over for a long time, I do like to wear it. The shirt has such a cute collar with pearls on it which was (or is?) quite popular in fall 2012. I thought about wearing a black all over outfit to make the collar pop out, and of course the beanie, the clutch and the shoes. I like to wear a simple outfit and add a special item which should stand out. But maybe you noticed that already .. 

shoes - a tiny shop in Pietrasanta
tights - Tezenis
shorts - H&M
shirt - H&M
jacket - Zara
beanie - a tiny shop in Vienna ;-)
bag - Mango

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