Thursday, February 28, 2013


H&M ALL OVER I am in love with this pullover-skirt-combination that allows me to pull the pullover over the skirt – which makes me look like a fat girly girl, but it is way more comfy than stucking the thick pullover into the skirt – BUT I did found a great alternative as you can see on the pictures. At first it was weird to see my lovely pullover like this, but when I look at the pictures now I really like the way I did stuck it into the skirt, but just half of it. What do you think about it? It's by the way an h&m all over outfit, except the bag and the tights, but all the other items were bought at h&m. This is also a very comfy outfit for some nice lunch or coffee break, which I do need all the time at the moment. I don’t like coffee but as you all know, if you follow my social media (if you don’t, then do it quickly now) I am stuck at home, working hard on my handbag collection for leather&more, a nice young company which asked me to be there designer for their first handbag collection. Therefore I need some power naps in between sitting in front of my sewing machine. Those power naps include eating ananas, drinking water or chatting with my mum, or just lying around on my lovely couch.

well, that's my life at the moment, but on Monday I'm heading back to Vienna for summer term of University, yay!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


FULL OF SNOW I was really excited to show you my new investment, my new shoes which I bought in Pietrasanta last week! Yay for new shoes! I just love buying shoes - especially in Italy - because there I can find high heels in size 35! whoop! It's quite annoying that everybody in Austria has such big foot that I can't find shoes in size 35 ;-)
Well, besides my shoe problem we are full of snow in my hometown in Upper Austria. That might be the reason why my post today is so late - yep, helped my mother to dig away the snow! But this kind of morning exercise was really good for me - now I feel more fresh and motivated than before! You should totally dig snow if you live in such a country - good for your stomach muscles ;-)

I wore this outfit just the other day after coming back from Italy and it was really comfy and kept me warm all day. This red beanie always reminds me of christmas and even though christmas time is over for a long time, I do like to wear it. The shirt has such a cute collar with pearls on it which was (or is?) quite popular in fall 2012. I thought about wearing a black all over outfit to make the collar pop out, and of course the beanie, the clutch and the shoes. I like to wear a simple outfit and add a special item which should stand out. But maybe you noticed that already .. 

Monday, February 25, 2013


pictures by Michael Smolka Photography

MICHAEL SMOLKA PHOTOGRAPHY Again something I made myself - this lovely light rosé summer coat was made by me in June 2012. I saw a similar one on TV while watching GG - Blair wore this awesome coat in pink but with other pockets and a collar - I just liked the curves on it's length. So here I am, in one of the studio's where Michael usually takes pictures when it's way too cold outstide. This time our shooting took us four hours, two make ups, four outfits and two different hairstyles. I never wear such a heavy and strong make up but it was so much fun to see me looking like a barbie (pictures coming soon) or wear those incredible fake lashes in green (picture on my fb page). Let's just say, it was a great experience I wouldn't wanna miss. 

The make up and hairstyle was made (as always) by the lovely miss Bella Soraya - Make up artist. You can check out her fb page by clicking here. I think she really did a great job, the course on my eyelid looks amazing, and I also fell in love with those fake lashes - really comfy not to apply mascara in the morning ;-) The idea behind my outfit was to concentrate on spring/summer - since it was shot inside I could totatlly wear something light! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The moment when you go to the drugstore and you know you can finally watch the latest shots you have taken with your beloved Lomo is one of the greatest feeling I can imagine. Although the analogue photography has so many surprises and possibilities ready, it is fallen into oblivion with many people. But there is one company, which offer resistance against the digital grind. This company is called Lomography and now I allow you a small insight in my analogue work.

My first Lomo I get, was a birthday present of my beloved friends. It was a Fisheye camera, which allows you to take pictures with a 170° objective. You load it with a 35mm (this is the main size of films, there are some more sizes, like 120mm or 110mm) and can start right now with your shooting. One year later I got the best accessoire, the Fisheye Submarine. The Submarine is the sturdy, reliable partner for every underwater adventure. But enough with the explanations, check out my results.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

HISTORY by sophie

Today I decided to categories my articels in different genres, first I will start with a little history and culture. As in my article of yesterday already mentioned I originally come from Bavaria, a country of full traditions and customs. However I am since approx. 3 months in Ravensburg, which lies in likewise beautiful Baden-Wuerttemberg and thus different tradition maintains and lives. Thus it came which I today witnesses one, in my opinion, very fascinating tradition became and had itself naturally directly over the historical ones background informed. The custom of which I speak is called “spark fires” and has like the name already says with a large fire to do. As fuel material the Christian trees of the inhabitants of Ravensburg are used for the big fire.
Background of this burn is driving the winter, bad thougts and before all bad spirits out from the city. In former times people believed that winter, which makes bad more possesses, only fire can help to. Symbolically they also burn witch dolls (or sometimes even genuine witches?!) with the big fire down. In the today's time no more witch is naturally used, but only the Christian trees, which are already much drying and by it enormously many sparks produce. In a star-clear night, how we have here today, that is a true pageant. Unfortunately my pictures are not the best, however I will show you them.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

HI... by sophie

Sunglasses - Trussardi
Bikini - H&M

New day, new experience. Now we write the year 2013 and in that case I decided to be more spontaneous, a way more brave, adventurous and some more things I hardly remember. Anyway… I’m a little bit nervous, because this is the first time I write an article for a blog, at that point I will thank you, my lovely Carmen, to give me the opportunity to check out how it is to write a blog. Please, be kind with me, my English isn’t that good.

First of all I will introduce myself and tell you something about me. My name is Sophie and I’m 22. After five years of Fashion School, I decided to do an Internship at the big and fabulous Company “Ravensburger”. Now I live in Ravensburg since 3 month and I love it so much. Ravensburg is a small city located near Lake Constance. It is a city full of history and culture, but more later. I have two awesome siblings, my older brother, named Lukas is 26 and my sister, Lena is 24.

Friday, February 8, 2013


WALKING IN THE SNOW In my hometown there's still lots of snow, compared to lovely Vienna it looks like a giant snowball when looking through the window. On the one hand I really like the snow, but on the other hand I am so ready for spring right now! Can't tell you how my winter coats and jackets make me feel sad because they just don't match with my attitude anymore (it's not that I don't like them anymore, it's just that I wanna wear something else) But before spring really starts I'll share snowy pictures with you, and try to show you my real outfit underneath.

Like today, it's about stripes. It's a really simple outfit but I like the striped shirt (h&m) a lot. And it does look good underneath this green asos coat. The bag is a new one, bought at Primark's about a week ago, totally awesome for university stuff because of it's size. And I absolutely love the color. (can't tell you how many brown bags I own by now - haha) 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


SMOLKA PHOTOGRAPHY When I did the photoshoot with M. Smolka from Michael Smolka Photography I was wearing my selfmade blue coat and I didn't show you the pictures by now, so I thought sharing them with you today. It's also the best way to tell you, that there will be some more collaborations with M.Smolka and Make up Artist Soraya. I am really excited about the studio shooting we've planned for this weekend in Vienna. There'll be lots of spring and summer outfits so be sure to check out the blog by next week quite frequently.

Also the shoots for my first video are coming to it's end and I am more than excited to show you what we did and of course the result. I will upload it probably on Monday or if I just can't wait there'll be a special weekend-post. But here are the pictures with M. Smolka, I really like his work a lot, it's fun to shoot with him. The coat I was wearing is made by me, when I was still in fashion school, the shoes are from h&m and I bought the lovely blue bag at Primark. But best color is still the color of the coat. I just love it, because it pops out in all the pictures and I think that's a really good way to defy the dark and grey weather. 

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