Thursday, January 31, 2013


COMFY It really gets more and more challenging to dress up nicely when it's freaking cold outside. So I went with the simple blouse-pullover-combination because I think this will always look nice and be warm as well. As you can see on the pictures I am wearing jeans, whoop! Looking through my blog articles I hardly wear jeans but this time I saw them in my wardrobe again and had to wear them. The fake fur is my mum's one but I love the color and the combination with the red pullover. It truly was a good decision to add some color into the white winter wonderland. 

The next few days will be full of studying for univeristy but I have a nice project coming up which you can see on the blog in the next few weeks - yay! Going to take part in the blogstar award by the couch magazine and for this me and my awesome friends (thanks agaaaain!) are making a video. Theme is "things, that make the world better" and I have SO many ideas but only a few of them can really be put into the video. So I promise you're going to see it at first when it gets online! 

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