Wednesday, January 23, 2013


pictures shot by Julia
BEIGE IN SNOW Beige is one of my favorite colors but it was always hard for me to not combine it only with brown accessories so I added a colored bag to my outfit. Quite simple I say but it makes your look pretty cool, don't you think so? The bag is from Primark and it is a real eyecatcher. I just love the color and the size because it is totally perfect for every occassion. Going to college, cinema, having a cup of tea or lunch with your girlfriends, etc. What I also like about this outfit is the hat - I am kind of a hat person since last autumn and I couldn't take my eyes off of this H&M hat. It looks so cute and simple, I just love it and would love to wear it all day long! I also think that my hair color goes well with the colors of the clothes .. ;-) 

At the moment I am making plans for the holidays in february, working on some projects and planning a lovely trip with my beloved ones. I mean, I can't really complain because life as a student is not very stressful but it needs organisation - which is my favorite topic. I love to organise things, appointmens and all that stuff that makes my calender look like I am a stressed businesswoman, haha. But I'll tell you about my holidays when they are exactly happening. Right now I am just enjoying to be home again (whoop! home article in a few days!) ,the landscape and the delicous food! 

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