Tuesday, January 1, 2013


BLACK LACE I hope you all had the very best new years eve you've wanted. Since I am such a short time in the blogger business I can't show you my favorite outfits from 2012, but I'll be sure to do this when LACKOFCOLOR turns one in summer 2013. I am excited to get to this point and see what happens and changes in half a year.
To tell you something about the last year, best thing besides getting to know my current boyfriend was finishing high school, fashion school, in one word, graduation. Something I really looked forward to but now that it's over I sometimes miss the life of being a student which was much more easier than it's now. After summer I moved to vienna, to study media studies and comparative literature which was truly a good decision, but the dream to work with fashion is still alive and grows bigger and bigger with doing the blog.

This black lace dress was a bargain buy and I saw it in some magazine about two weeks ago, miss, glamour or any other women's illustrated. AND I felt totally in love with the back of the dress. It seems to be the perfect outfit for new years eve, chic dinner, lovely party, etc. It's also not that cold because of the long sleeves which look stunning because there's no cloth under it. I added this colored clutch to the outfit, I felt like the dress needed something colored. Also I love how "big" the clutch in fact is, you can take every important piece with you. The last pictures were shot by my mobile phone (sorry about the quality), I went out with my boyfriend and it was just delicious! If you ever come to Austria, especially Mondsee (small town near Salzburg) and eat at the "Porsche Hotel" (http://www.irisporsche.at/) It's all written in german but you can see how lovely the atmosphere is in this restaurant,hotel and bar. 


  1. love this!


  2. Your clutch is amazing! The dress looks great on you :) Happy New Year, by Mina.
    My blog: The Style Fever :)

  3. Boah Carmen die Tasche ist ein wahnsinn!!


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