Monday, January 14, 2013


PROM NIGHT Last Friday there's been the lovely prom of my high school and I was really excited to get there - yay! It's a weird feeling to "come back" to school, see all those lovely students and teachers, some of them did remember me, some not. But that doesn't really matter to me because I was only looking forward to see all the amazing dresses and of course my beloved classmates from school. I chose for this occasion a blue dress which was made by my mum. The eyecatcher is at the back. To add some color I wore a red lipstick and nailpolish. And of course I wore my favorite heels! In my opinion the dress was enough so I decided on this kind of sexy ponytail, which  looks better with straightened hair so I did straighten my hair for about 1 or 2 hours, really I have lots of hair! 
Unfortunatley, I had no time to take pictures of the prom dresses but there were some really amazing ones! They chose lovely colors and I really wanted to have a dress like them, hehe! 

So, this week is kind of busy, on thursday I'll have another examination but I have a nice project upcoming, I can't tell you yet but keep reading the blog and you'll see it soon! At the moment there's lots of snow outside so we shot those pictures at my parents house inside because it would have been too cold, and too much snow! 


  1. You look so beautiful! Love the dress and your shoes!


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