Friday, January 18, 2013


HUGO BOSS SHOW a/w 2013 First of all, the weather makes me not only sick, but crazy! I am spending the third day in bed but couldn't wait to show you my latest purchase, this lovely fake fur by Mango (It's on sale right now!) I ordered it right after new years eve and got it last week! Whoop! Kind of a dream come true to have one on my own now! Best thing is that it is so comfy and warm, just like my quilted jacket but looks more frizzy. So the weather is making me feel crazy because my thoughts were already set on spring and "what to wear when it has 15 degrees?" But it was kind of naive to think winter wouldn't come across again and get everything snowed in.

So, unfortunately I am spending my days in lovely Vienna and not in awesome Berlin where fashionweek has been. But maybe some fine day, in future which is far away I'll be sitting front row next to some gigantic model and fashion girl which is looking gorgeous and makes me look next to her like a total freak. But that isn't your fault, so I'll just tell you what I got to see on the blogs about fashion week and what I read about it. Next to bright red there was the color grey, one of my favorites and also the ones by Hugo Boss. The show was kind of amazing, I saw the video over and over again on . Metallic look, black leather, white, prints and easy, loose but gorgeous looking hair. I fell in love with the cuts because they were so simple but looked adorable. Right after seeing this, I just wanted to turn my wardrobe into a Hugo Boss fashion show!


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