Friday, January 11, 2013


SONGS Actually, the name of my article doesn't really fit to the pictures and the outfit I've chosen for today's post, but when I dressed up like this about a week ago I remembered myself of this lovely song by Nada Surf - Blonde on Blonde . It's funny, sometimes I wear special clothes and have this song in my mind at the same moment. It's like my mind is set onto some songs and connects them with special clothes. And then I can't let go of this song, like the one by Nada Surf, because I totally forgot about this song and listened to it about years ago for the last time. Listening to it again today, it was like going back in 2009 were I first heard it. I guess it's really like this, that songs can bring us back to the moment we first heard them and once again break our heart like GG mentioned it in one of the series. So check out this lovely song, it's not a very happy one but I like it anyway.

This outfit is a very simple one but at the moment I like to try out wearing one outfit in kind of the same color. What do you think about it? I'm not sure but it's interesting. When I bought those pants about 2 weeks ago at Mango's, I felt in love with the color, because I really think that this is the perfect color for spring but also for autumn and winter, it's durable and that's what I like about it. You'll see in spring and summer that I like creme tones and beige, brown, white and that stuff. It's classic and gives you a great style without trying too hard. 

pants - Mango
belt - Mango
blouse - Zara

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