Tuesday, January 29, 2013


SUNNY AT THE LAKE As some of you know, if you follow my social media, I was at home last week and had the chance to shoot in this lovely sunny area. Most of the time it was as grey and dark as it is in vienna, but on one single day, the sun showed up and it was really great to feel the sun's rays on my face. I really think that some people can get kind of depressed when it's always grey outside and the sun makes you feel warmer inside and happier on the outside. The best place to shoot in the sun might be at the lake so we chose to take the pictures there and it was magical.

I also tried out a new hairstyle because I always wear my hair loose or just a bun and thought about something new, what do you think? It's really simple but I'm not a fan of having a huge hairstyle which takes hours to create. For this lovely warm weather I chose a lighter coat and on the other pictures you can see that I could take it off some time to shoot, and it really wasn't cold at all! I guess that's a sign for spring! We can see that all the time because I can remember that I complained about how early it got dark in the afternoon in december, and now daylight leaves us alone a bit later than a month ago - yay!

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