Thursday, January 31, 2013


COMFY It really gets more and more challenging to dress up nicely when it's freaking cold outside. So I went with the simple blouse-pullover-combination because I think this will always look nice and be warm as well. As you can see on the pictures I am wearing jeans, whoop! Looking through my blog articles I hardly wear jeans but this time I saw them in my wardrobe again and had to wear them. The fake fur is my mum's one but I love the color and the combination with the red pullover. It truly was a good decision to add some color into the white winter wonderland. 

The next few days will be full of studying for univeristy but I have a nice project coming up which you can see on the blog in the next few weeks - yay! Going to take part in the blogstar award by the couch magazine and for this me and my awesome friends (thanks agaaaain!) are making a video. Theme is "things, that make the world better" and I have SO many ideas but only a few of them can really be put into the video. So I promise you're going to see it at first when it gets online! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


SUNNY AT THE LAKE As some of you know, if you follow my social media, I was at home last week and had the chance to shoot in this lovely sunny area. Most of the time it was as grey and dark as it is in vienna, but on one single day, the sun showed up and it was really great to feel the sun's rays on my face. I really think that some people can get kind of depressed when it's always grey outside and the sun makes you feel warmer inside and happier on the outside. The best place to shoot in the sun might be at the lake so we chose to take the pictures there and it was magical.

I also tried out a new hairstyle because I always wear my hair loose or just a bun and thought about something new, what do you think? It's really simple but I'm not a fan of having a huge hairstyle which takes hours to create. For this lovely warm weather I chose a lighter coat and on the other pictures you can see that I could take it off some time to shoot, and it really wasn't cold at all! I guess that's a sign for spring! We can see that all the time because I can remember that I complained about how early it got dark in the afternoon in december, and now daylight leaves us alone a bit later than a month ago - yay!

Monday, January 28, 2013


Yesterday, I went to the "Mit Handkuss demolition flea market", organzied by this lovely woman on the picture above. Bloggerin Lena from Vienna. ( ) I took my friend Lisa with me, to discover all the lovely things they sold. From clothes to electrical equipment, for men and women. The flea market was held in an empty apartment in the 4th district of  lovely Vienna. There were five rooms, full of people, garments and cheerfulness. I had the chance to see some exciting things but moreover I was excited to get to know great people, what I truly did! It's really a pleasure that I got to know Lena's blog somehow, because if I didn't it I would have never noticed the flea market I guess, which would be a shame. 

In the last pictures you can see the two things I bought myself, the coat is more for the warmer seasons of the year but I felt in love with it by the time Lisa showed it to me. Thanks again for checking out this lovely flea market with me, it was great! The grey gilet is super comfy and I have to admit that I am already wearing it right now :-) To be honest, I could have been at this flea market all day long, chatting and looking and of course spending money, but enough is enough and I got home in the afternoon with two lovely new goodies for my wardrobe! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


pictures shot by Julia
BEIGE IN SNOW Beige is one of my favorite colors but it was always hard for me to not combine it only with brown accessories so I added a colored bag to my outfit. Quite simple I say but it makes your look pretty cool, don't you think so? The bag is from Primark and it is a real eyecatcher. I just love the color and the size because it is totally perfect for every occassion. Going to college, cinema, having a cup of tea or lunch with your girlfriends, etc. What I also like about this outfit is the hat - I am kind of a hat person since last autumn and I couldn't take my eyes off of this H&M hat. It looks so cute and simple, I just love it and would love to wear it all day long! I also think that my hair color goes well with the colors of the clothes .. ;-) 

At the moment I am making plans for the holidays in february, working on some projects and planning a lovely trip with my beloved ones. I mean, I can't really complain because life as a student is not very stressful but it needs organisation - which is my favorite topic. I love to organise things, appointmens and all that stuff that makes my calender look like I am a stressed businesswoman, haha. But I'll tell you about my holidays when they are exactly happening. Right now I am just enjoying to be home again (whoop! home article in a few days!) ,the landscape and the delicous food! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


FASHION TV Another fuzzy look with my beloved fake fur, but in black and white. This might be the first time we shot black and white pictures for the blog. I really like black and white pictures, much more than colored ones but just a black and white blog would be kind of boring don't you think so? I was wearing a dress by H&M and this lovely pattern tights my mum bought me once. 

I am actually watching fashionTV at the moment, have you ever watched this? Whenever I get up that early like today (yes it's about 6.30 a.m.) I watch this show because it is just awesome. Discovering the fashion world through interviews with mainly models and designers. It is so inspiring to see how they work and what comes out in the end. Whenever I see this I totally want to grab my sewing machine and just work work work. It's also an inspiration for the blog because of those great styling the girls always have. You can catch up on fashion TV's homepage ( ) and watch the latest videos. It is great but it surely takes so time to get through all those awesome videos so you'd better search for a moment or day where you have really enough time! enjoy!

Friday, January 18, 2013


HUGO BOSS SHOW a/w 2013 First of all, the weather makes me not only sick, but crazy! I am spending the third day in bed but couldn't wait to show you my latest purchase, this lovely fake fur by Mango (It's on sale right now!) I ordered it right after new years eve and got it last week! Whoop! Kind of a dream come true to have one on my own now! Best thing is that it is so comfy and warm, just like my quilted jacket but looks more frizzy. So the weather is making me feel crazy because my thoughts were already set on spring and "what to wear when it has 15 degrees?" But it was kind of naive to think winter wouldn't come across again and get everything snowed in.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


THE SILVER SKIRT Today it is exactly about a month ago that Michael and I had this little shooting in the streets of Vienna. I  can't really believe that I didn't show you the pictures earlier but not it's the right time to do. So let's start by saying, it wasn't that cold as it would have been now if we did the same thing again this month. Because it was so close to christmas and I didn't want to do the same thing like on my adventblogging shooting I chose this silver skirt by H&M to make the look more christmas and winter like. I added this simple basic shirt (also by H&M) and the look was finished with some colorful blue tights and black shoes. What I like about the pictures is that they were shot somewhere in Vienna. Not a real important place or building, just in simple streets. The great great make up was made by my lovely friend and I have to admit that I love the feeling to get make up and hair done by someone else, hehe. The links to M.S.Photography and Bella Soraya Make Up artist can be seen underneath the last picture.

At the moment I am stuck at home because I'm sick but somehow I'll get healthy again and then it's time to share with you my upcoming projects! I am so excited to tell you about the next few months and to hear your opinions on that! But now, I can just tell you that it won't be the last Michael Smolka Experience I share with you on the blog!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


THE STORE Whenever I come home to visit my family and some friends there's no other way than also checking out on Ullmann Fashion, kind of my favorite pop up store since three years. It's headmaster is in Laakirchen, Upper Austria, and they are a fashion agency in fact. The Pop Up Store is just for fun and it really works well! I've done internships at their fashion agency two times by now and it was a real great experience. So last week I went there with my mum to see the new spring/summer collection and also if there are some sale garments for winter.

I did try on some clothes and fell absolutely in love with this yellow pullover you can see on the pictures. As you can see, it has the most amazing sleeves I've ever seen and felt! They were so comfy and looked so great! Next thing was a blue dress, which did look so great but unfortunately it was kind of too big but I liked the part at the shoulders, looks like a beach dress which can be worn very loose. I also tried on this lovely black&white shirt which was so nice because of the part at the shoulders, kind of futuristic! My mother would have liked this creme colored bag with the blue statements by Gaudí (we all love Gaudí bags) I can tell you, at Ullmann Fashion you'll fall in love with every bag you see, because they come in every color, every size und are the best bags I've ever seen! Check out their fb page by clicking here and be up to date of what clothes they have!
I won't tell you yet what I got myself, but you'll surely see it soon on as an outfit post! 

Monday, January 14, 2013


PROM NIGHT Last Friday there's been the lovely prom of my high school and I was really excited to get there - yay! It's a weird feeling to "come back" to school, see all those lovely students and teachers, some of them did remember me, some not. But that doesn't really matter to me because I was only looking forward to see all the amazing dresses and of course my beloved classmates from school. I chose for this occasion a blue dress which was made by my mum. The eyecatcher is at the back. To add some color I wore a red lipstick and nailpolish. And of course I wore my favorite heels! In my opinion the dress was enough so I decided on this kind of sexy ponytail, which  looks better with straightened hair so I did straighten my hair for about 1 or 2 hours, really I have lots of hair! 
Unfortunatley, I had no time to take pictures of the prom dresses but there were some really amazing ones! They chose lovely colors and I really wanted to have a dress like them, hehe! 

So, this week is kind of busy, on thursday I'll have another examination but I have a nice project upcoming, I can't tell you yet but keep reading the blog and you'll see it soon! At the moment there's lots of snow outside so we shot those pictures at my parents house inside because it would have been too cold, and too much snow! 

Friday, January 11, 2013


SONGS Actually, the name of my article doesn't really fit to the pictures and the outfit I've chosen for today's post, but when I dressed up like this about a week ago I remembered myself of this lovely song by Nada Surf - Blonde on Blonde . It's funny, sometimes I wear special clothes and have this song in my mind at the same moment. It's like my mind is set onto some songs and connects them with special clothes. And then I can't let go of this song, like the one by Nada Surf, because I totally forgot about this song and listened to it about years ago for the last time. Listening to it again today, it was like going back in 2009 were I first heard it. I guess it's really like this, that songs can bring us back to the moment we first heard them and once again break our heart like GG mentioned it in one of the series. So check out this lovely song, it's not a very happy one but I like it anyway.

This outfit is a very simple one but at the moment I like to try out wearing one outfit in kind of the same color. What do you think about it? I'm not sure but it's interesting. When I bought those pants about 2 weeks ago at Mango's, I felt in love with the color, because I really think that this is the perfect color for spring but also for autumn and winter, it's durable and that's what I like about it. You'll see in spring and summer that I like creme tones and beige, brown, white and that stuff. It's classic and gives you a great style without trying too hard. 

Monday, January 7, 2013


FASHIONBOARD I must admit, that I am obsessed with bouclé jackets/blazers. Gladly, shops like Mango and Zara share this obsession with me, because everytime I attend a shop the scenario is like this: I see bouclé jackets and I can't take my eyes off of them. I totally forget that I already bought five within a year and sometimes I forget which colors I already own - like two weeks ago, I was at Mango's with my sister and my mum and we saw this lovely pink / rosé bouclé jacket, and I totally wanted to buy it - BUT, I forgot that I already have one in that color, haha. My fault! If you wanna check out my "other" bouclé outfits click here , or here , or here

Lately, the Stylight Team ) told me about their new awesome fashionboards which can be created and also be featured on my blog. Of course I took advantage of this and tried out that stuff. For my bouclé look today I chose this simple board which can be seen here. I added a lovely song because it kind of matched my mood and I like the lyrics a lot! I think the idea of creating those boards is really nice because it doesn't take a lot of time but you can add so much personality in it, that's great! So I'll totally use this more often and can only recommend it to you :)

wish you a wonderful Monday and start of the week!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


BLACK LACE I hope you all had the very best new years eve you've wanted. Since I am such a short time in the blogger business I can't show you my favorite outfits from 2012, but I'll be sure to do this when LACKOFCOLOR turns one in summer 2013. I am excited to get to this point and see what happens and changes in half a year.
To tell you something about the last year, best thing besides getting to know my current boyfriend was finishing high school, fashion school, in one word, graduation. Something I really looked forward to but now that it's over I sometimes miss the life of being a student which was much more easier than it's now. After summer I moved to vienna, to study media studies and comparative literature which was truly a good decision, but the dream to work with fashion is still alive and grows bigger and bigger with doing the blog.

This black lace dress was a bargain buy and I saw it in some magazine about two weeks ago, miss, glamour or any other women's illustrated. AND I felt totally in love with the back of the dress. It seems to be the perfect outfit for new years eve, chic dinner, lovely party, etc. It's also not that cold because of the long sleeves which look stunning because there's no cloth under it. I added this colored clutch to the outfit, I felt like the dress needed something colored. Also I love how "big" the clutch in fact is, you can take every important piece with you. The last pictures were shot by my mobile phone (sorry about the quality), I went out with my boyfriend and it was just delicious! If you ever come to Austria, especially Mondsee (small town near Salzburg) and eat at the "Porsche Hotel" ( It's all written in german but you can see how lovely the atmosphere is in this restaurant,hotel and bar. 

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