Tuesday, December 31, 2013


ALMOST I dont really know how to start but I thought about doing a more personal post than usual. I started tiny lackofcolor blog in July 2012 and can't really believe that I am working on this blog now for 1.5 years already. I never thought I could keep this blog alive for such a long time. Usually, if things go wrong I start again from scratch and build up something completely new but with lackofcolor I just can't. Although my blog is pretty small, I just love posting my pictures here and sharing my daily life with you. To be honest, I couldn't imagine not having the blog anymore - I guess I got a little addicted.

Anyway, its almost 2014 ans I wanted to do a little recap. 2013 was great (even though I think 2014 will be much better). 2013 was the year I was in my first year of uni. I struggled a bit and saw that this was not the right thing for me and applied for loooads of internships in fashion. I landed a 6 month internship at stylight and therefor moved to Germany. Which means, goodbye to uni, goodbye to my girls in vienna, my sisters and my parents. In 2013 I got the chance to work with a leather company from Austria and design handbags with them. This was one of the hardest things I've ever done since I had no idea of how to sew handbags and I had to make the prototype on my own ;-) but a few days ago I saw the result. Amazingly beautiful really traditional handbags out of deer leather designed by me :-)  theres even a new costumer who wants me to design some bags for them as well - yay!  Not to forget, in 2013 Í was a live reporter at Life Ball and got an interview with a Model from the US and make up artists from MAC and was standing in the front row of Cavalli Fashionshow to take pictures and write an article about it. Also, in 2013 I got together with the most wonderful man I've ever met and I couldn't be more happier and grateful for him, thanks a lot babe!

I am really happy with my decisions in 2013 but I feel like 2014 is going to be amazing. I will finish my iternship at Stylight in about three months and then head to Paris with the boy for a few days as I always wanted to go there! After this I will start another internship at Pro7 which is a german tv channel - and yes, I know, my biggest dream is still to work in Fashion, having my own magazine some fine day but I can't deny the fact that I am really interested in television production as well. After this I will hopefully have passed the exam to go to my dream uni in Berlin and start again. I have so many trips planned for summer, I cant wait for this year to begin!
I wish you all a happy new year, I am excited to hear your plans for next year, just comment!

I hope you all will reach your goals and just be happy with your family and friends! Try not to worry about things too much, in the end it will always be fine. I totally think its important to try to not being perfect all the time and relax a bit more. I am really into working hard but I think we all should act more crazy and risk more. I wish you all happy moments cause this is what life is about. see you soon on lackofcolor and thanks for being with me all the time! xx

Monday, December 30, 2013


Tomorrow is new years eve - are you all excited? I am really excited for 2014 as I have SO many things planned. Trips to destinations I've never been before, moving to another city and starting uni again and of course keeping the blog alive =) I am excited to hear about your plans! But let's talk about this tomorrow ;-) I had such a great time at my parents place, it felt really good to have a little holiday in between work. Today I had the best brunch ever with my girls from back home - we had lots to talk about and I am really happy that we could see each other again. Right now I am in Munich, I just came in about an hour ago that's why todays post is quite late and tomorrow morning I am heading to Berlin to celebrate new years eve with the boy =)

Today's outfit. I found my old pair of boyfriend jeans in my wardrobe at my parents place ... plus this awesome oversized striped blazer from Zara too. I bought it in summertime and totally forgot to share it with you. Stripes were all the rage this year so I thought I should do an outfit post with this blazer before 2014 starts and we have thousands of new trends ;-) I also thought about getting a new pair of boyfriend jeans as I would love to have ripped ones. Or maybe I should just rip those? Anyway, a quite casual outfit with a bit of color coming from my amazing nussbag and a hat. I haven't worn jeans in a while but I thought about wearing them more often. Maybe another challenge for 2014? We will see. Have a great Monday evening guys! xx

Saturday, December 28, 2013


HEADBAND 2.0 Hey guys - welcome back. Okay, it's not the new year yet, but I've been absent on the blog for a few days. Usually I miss blogging after two or three days, but this time I was just busy with visiting relatives and spending time with my family, that's why I didn't even think about taking pictures of what I wore and telling you weird stories about what I do ;-) Sorry for that, but we all need a break and rest and I had mine and now I am back and happy to blog again. Also, what else is there to do on a Saturday evening? =) So here are a few shots I took with one of my sisters today - I hope you all had an amazing christmas, lots of good food and nice talks with your families and friends. 

So this is what I wore today - I went shopping with my sister - I was actually on a hunt for shoes but couldn't find any that I absolutely "needed". Instead I got myself another book. Recently I am really into reading, I told you, reading on the tube, on the way to the tube, on the way from the tube to the office, reading, reading, reading. I always liked to read books but never really had time to actually finish one as we had to read books for school in between and of course all the exams distracted me from reading a nice book. So while I don't study I thought about reading more than usual. Anyway, I wore this absolutely lovely camel coat from Sheinside today with a blue headband my mum made for me and this vintage handbag from my grandmum. I told you that I am challenging myself to wear more headbands - well, here's look number two! I love the bright blue color of the headband and this coat is absolutely amazing. If any of you are gossip girl fans, well this is one of the coats Blair is wearing in one of the shows. I ALWAYS wanted this coat as it has this really cool collar. First I wanted to sew exactly the same coat as soon as I saw her wearing it but then I found it on Sheinside and got crazy about it! Enjoy! xx

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com

HOLIDAY SEASON I was super duper excited to show you these pictures Kavita and I took last week of the skirt she got me for Christmas. We always checked onlinestores while being at work and I showed her this skirt at choies.com about one month ago and I was absolutely in love with it but it was a bit too expensive. I actually wanted to make a christmas wishlist and put this skirt on top but I never had time to share this with you .. sorry! I can't believe she got it for me! It was actually the last one, oh my.. thanks again girl you know me too well :-) I just love that it looks like danders from fish and of course it stands apart which just looks so cute! Aww .. I totally fell in love with this skirt and as it's Christmas today I thought about wearing a lovely red jumper with the skirt and red lips - trying to look festive ;-) 

Yesterday my dad came to visit me and the boy in Munich and we went out to have some proper Bavarian dinner at Hofbräuhaus. It was really nice and I think I am prepared now to have to much food in the next few days and loads of cookies! I am at work right now, finishing some stuff but in about two hours we are going home celebrating with our families ;-) After that I hopefully will have enough time to catch up on what my girls did the past three months and then having some quality time with my family and the boy. I can't wait to eat cookies all the time and cuddle up in front of the tree while watching a movie. I hope you guys are all having a fancy and nice Christmas eve - make sure to follow me on Instagram so you can see how we celebrate :-) 
I hope you all will have a great christmas and make sure to spend as much time as possible with your family and your beloved ones. I will probably stay away from the computer for a few days (laptop ..not instagram ;) )  and I invite you to do the same :-) I think we all need some time to rest and relax! Thanks for reading and merry Christmas!! xx

Sunday, December 22, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com

CANDY COLORS I think it was last year, or maybe two years ago when this furry skirt came into the H&M stores and I searched for it in every H&M shop in Vienna but couldn't find it in my size anymore.  This year, as I was browsing through Kleiderkreisel I found it - lucky me the girl lived in Munich and I could easily get it - whoop! I always knew how I wanted to combine it - total white! The only colorful garment in the pictures is the scarf but I think it adds even more glamour to the look! I borrowed Kavita's white coat from Sheinside which I absolutely adore - I think I will sew myself a white coat some day ;-) Anyway, I really love this outfit and I was excited to share it with you! Perfect for the holiday season for a little oldschool glamour ;-)

My weekend was super casual and cosy. Yesterday, the boy came to fancy Munich and we had burgers in an Irish pub and watched horror movies - yep, no christmas movies as we both aren't in the mood yet .. ;-) I wish you all a nice and happy Sunday evening and a good start into your holidays! xx

Friday, December 20, 2013


pictures by  itscohen

FRIDAY! I tried to get into Christmas mood this week that's why I wore my sparkling skirt with a thick knitted pullover. It didn't really work out. I still can't believe that Christmas is on Tuesday, I think it's just because I was always busy at the end of November and obviously this month as well, that I just didn't notice it and had no time to get into the right mood. I will try tonight by watching a lovely Christmas movie and make some hot chocolate.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


pictures by itscohen

EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT from my grandma - this incredible fake fur jacket! I loooooove it! It is a bit shiny and it's actually grey but when it's bright and sunny outside it has this nice purple effect. Ahh .. what more can I say? Who would not fall in love with it? I took size 8 uk or 10 us because I wanted it to be oversized and suuuper comfy. I paired it with my current favorites, this white turtleneck pullover from Zara which makes every look a classy chic one and my overknee boots from Forever21. And because I just can't stand not having something on my head I wore a beanie on top. As always =)

Sooo, it's Wednesday already. I can't wait for this week to be finally over. It's pretty stressful at work but moreover I am looking forward to seeing the boy on the weekend and going home for Christmas next week - yay! Haven't seen my sisters and parents in aaages which makes the whole "coming home for christmas" - thing much more exciting. What are you guys up to this weekend? And please don't wonder about the name of todays article - Kavita introduced me to the Throwback music list on Spotify and I am currently going crazy after Usher, Kelly Rowland and Nelly, OutKast and all the other cool guys that where totally on the rage about ten years ago.. awww ;-) xx

Monday, December 16, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com

WEATHER COMPLAINTS I wanted to post these pictures yesterday evening but I was busy having burgers with the girls here and a skype date with one of my girls from back home and my parents. I had such a nice weekend and I can't believe that in one week it's Christmas already. Seriously, there is no snow in Munich and it's not that cold either so I am just not in the mood to listen to Christmas songs and buy presents. The only Christmassy thing I do is eat all the cookies my roommate got from her mum and grandmum - but she's fine with sharing and I only eat the ones she doesn't like ;-) For me the first sign of snow is the first sign of Christmas. Even though the last time we actually had snow on Christmas eve is a long time ago, we had it the weeks before and of course, the weeks after. Anyway,I love how nice the weather in Munich is right now (it's sunny every single day but unfortunately too bright to take pictures) I would be happier to have some snow as well. But I don't wanna complain about the weather swings here in Germany because I'm sure I will complain in less than a month that it is super cold and that there is too much snow - oh well.

This is what I wore for yesterday's girls day. I wanted to wear something girly and more colorful as I just wore black, white and blue clothes in my previous outfit posts. I also wore this absolutely lovely headband from H&M bought ages ago and I almost forgot about it. It's a welcome change instead of always wearing beanies. I should definitely wear more headbands - challenge accepted! I hope you all had a nice weekend! xx

Friday, December 13, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com
FRIDAY I should stop wearing black, white and blue all the time. These three colors make me go crazy, I just can't resist and I combine them instinctively. But I think I keep repeating myself. Todays post is about the boots. I am obsessed with overknees right now and I am so happy to found these with a little heel at Forever21; best thing: they were 50% on sale. So now I have flat overknees and these beauties with a little heel which is really comfortable and makes me at least a bit taller. As overknees are such a sexy pair of shoes I combined them really casual with my oversized white sweater and a little black skirt. I honestly don't know if there is more to say than I love these boots. I got so excited when I bought them and I already have thousands of ways of pairing them in my mind so you will see me wearing these ones a lot. It's just perfect as they keep you warm when you just wear a skirt and even warmer when you wear pants underneath. Plus you can look totally sexy with them and you can combine them casual for everyday wear. I love how versatible these boots are! 

This weekend will be totally casual and relaxing and I am so looking forward to it. The past two weeks were a bit stressful and that affected my health, so I will try and get back to my normal routine to become 100% healthy again. Who wants to be sick at christmas? I will start tonight by just having a long bath and reading my new fav. book called Vincent, by Joey Goebel (can only recommend it to all of you as I just can't stop reading it - I'm taking it with me wherever I go, reading on the tube, while waiting for the tube, sometimes I read while I walk from my place to the tube which takes like .. two minutes - crazy?). Anyway, tomorrow me and the girls are going out and on Sunday Kavita and I will do our typical Sunday thing which means having coffee and pizza! Yay! have a great weekend guys, see you Sunday! xx

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com

HELLO KITTY To be super honest, I've always been a little bit obsessed with leopard patterned garments. For example, I really wanted one of the leopard blouses from H&M for their spring / summer collection this year but I wasn't sure about how to combine it. So I didn't take it and instead, bought leopard patterned flats for summer, which are a lot easier to combine. I don't know why I've been a bit scared of wearing a full animal print outfit, but I am still more into animal printed shoes or accessories or a great statement coat. I would love to have an animal printed coat by the way. Anyway, I got these super duper incredible comfy leopard patterned boots from this german website similar to ebay (but still different) called Kleiderkreisel. People sell their garments, swap them or just give them to other people to make them happy (which I think is really cool). And now I am really happy with my statement boots and who knows, maybe I will find a nice animal printed coat on Kleiderkreisel as well? Concerning the outfit - I wanted to focus on the shoes that's why I wore an all black look with my beige cape as it has the same color as some parts of the shoes. What do you think?

Soo, what is going on right now. Work has been super busy these past few days and I can't wait for the holiday season to begin. I got sick again and I think I just need a few days to rest and stay away from the computer, but we all need that don't we? While it's not christmas yet I need to rest on the weekend which means loooads of hot chocolate and taking a long long bath. This is the last weekend Kavita will be in town so we might go out and have a nice and fancy dinner as well. It's really weird that she's leaving Stylight next week because that means even my internship is half way over (cra-zay how time passes by). Happy Wednesday!

Monday, December 9, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com

START OVER Oh my .. this was a quite intense weekend - glad it's over now. As you all know if you follow my social media (@carmen_wo) I was working like crazy on the coat for my brother in law. It's his birthday on Friday and my sister is going to surprise him with a classy trenchcoat made by me. So my last two weeks consisted of sewing and working and sewing and working. I am so happy now that I've finished it - it's 11pm and I am just sewing the last buttons on the coat .. aah :-) When I sew something, I get really excited at the beginning, seeing how all those pieces get together and become one garment is just amazing, but then I get a bit lazy in between if somethings not working the way I planned it (this time I struggled with the collar and the back-slit) but in the end, when I do the lining and the inside-pockets, I get really motivated and I want to make the best out of it ;-) I will ask my sister to take a proper picture of the coat when he is actually wearing it, and then I will show you my latest lackofcolor - design piece ;-) If you wanna see it now, without ironing it yet - just have a look on instagram! 

Now, let's talk about todays outfit - I can only say, Isabel Marant you did a great job on those sweatpants! I was one of the crazy girls who ordered something from the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection in November - to be honest, I didn't really intend to do so, I just wanted to check the online shop - seriously. But then I saw these pants and I fell in love. I got them from the children's department which is always a bit cheaper and fits perfectly as I am such a petite person. Anyway, I wanted to combine them really casual and cool - white turtleneck, fake fur jacket and beanie. I loooove this combination! It's really edgy but the fake fur adds a bit of glamour which the pants really need and the boots make everything look rough again. It was such a comfy outfit but still fashionable and I literally could wear it all the time! I hope you all had a great weekend - I am so ready to start into a new week where I will hopefully find time to relax and do christmas present shopping! 


Friday, December 6, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com
COLOR TALK I have never really liked green on me. I always thought green would not go with blonde hair and my really light skin color. I just love when people with dark hair and a darker skin tone wear something green! But then I saw this really nice coat at Asos last year and although it was available in blue and red, I wanted green. But this was the only green garment I had, until I got myself this furry green beanie a few weeks ago. It's just perfect as it's super warm and comfy and looks like a dwarf beanie - I love it! I hope it goes well with my hair when it's blonde again - it actually is quite light, what do you think? Anyway, I will slowly adapt green into my wardrobe as I love it and it's such a christmassy color!

Sooo, it's Friday - yay! I wore this outfit today at work and I must admit that I struggle a bit with pairing those brown boots. I love them to death because they are SO SO nice and incredible comfy and probably the most expensive shoes I have ever bought for myself, but still, I don't really know how to combine them. I have never been a friend of pairing black and brown but this is what I did today as everything in beige didn't correspond to my mood. So I tried a total black look with the boots and the green beanie and I like it. I'm not a 100% satisfied to be honest, but I will keep on searching for the perfect look with these boots! I am now off to go out with the girls as it's lovely Rebecca's birthday - yay! Have a great great weekend everybody! xx

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


pictures by itscohen

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Heyho guys! What kind of bag do you take with you when you go hunting for the perfect christmas gifts for your beloved ones? I am that kind of person that can't really cope with small bags. If I go out at night it's fine to have a small and cute clutch bag, but for work - nope. My big shopper bag must come with me, filled with my agenda, food, beauty stuff, water bottle, more food, i pod ..... ;-) So if I would go shopping I would grab one of the Stylight tote bags just to have more space, but recently I got contacted by Lotte Voss who was going to solve my problem (she didn't even know that I had it though). Anyway, Lotte Voss is a super cute online store with cute garments and BIG shopper bags. Lucky me, I had the chance to get one. I chose the black one as black goes with everything and it looked huge on the picture - perfect for my christmas shopping trip! If you know someone who is really into big shopper bags I can only recommend this one! I think it can handle looads of presents (or just daily stuff) and I don't think it will be broken that quickly as it has really stable cord handles and the material is really nice too (I am trustworthy as a former fashion school student :) ) I will totally use it on the next free weekend I got for going shopping. Have you got everything yet? I know it's only the fourth but I want my presents to be done within the next week because I like to have them in advance and then just relax and enjoy the christmas time with candles, a good book and cooookies (btw, if someone fancies to send me christmas cookies - go ahead!).

Lovely Rebecca and I took the pictures today - I was in the mood for pink and pastel and all those girly garments. Light pink pullover paired with my baby pink beanie and a checked scarf? Yes! I totally love this scarf and I love to combine it with this black and white coat as it's so much fun to mix different pattern. I knew when I woke up this morning that I had to wear something a bit lighter than in the last few days - I was just in a really good mood. At lunch time the sun came out in fancy Munich and I was so happy! Now there is still snow missing in Munich but I got the feeling that it's going to be here soon .. :-)

Sunday, December 1, 2013


pictures by itscohen

There are some clothes a woman needs for her winter wardrobe, like the perfect black boots, a simple coat and a nice sloppy hat. I've told you a while ago that I really love hats and I think they are one of the best accessories for winter time! They make your look chic and timeless and combined with a nice coat and bag you are never dressed boring :-) I wore this outfit this week at work and it was freakin cold outside, but we managed to get a few shots.

So this weekend was quite boring as I was sick stuck in my bed and working on a classy trenchcoat for my sister's boyfriend =D So annoying that I missed the christmas party but I'm excited to see the girls tomorrow and hear all their fun stories ;-) I'm feeling better but still not 100% fine so I will relax now, watch Alice in Wonderland and go to bed really really early so I'm prepared for work tomorrow! I hope you all are fine and you had an amazing first advent weekend! xx

Friday, November 29, 2013


pictures by Rebecca from itscohen

VOGUE Hello hello! I was really annoyed when I found out that Vogue forgot about my subscription this month. I got it from my sisters as a gift for my 20th birthday and was really excited to always getting the latest Vogue issues sent to my apartment - really casual and cool you know. Not having to rush to the next shop and getting it on the first day (as if I had done that ..... oh well ;-) ) It took us quite a while to make this subscription thing work that's why my first issue should arrive in November. On the 13th. Somehow they totally forgot about me and didn't send me the magazine until this week. I was a bit annoyed but as soon as I held it in my arms I was happy again. It's a really nice issue this time, festive and christmas-y with lots of good inspiration for the holiday season!

I wore this outfit this week at work and lovely Rebecca who just started working with us at Stylight took the pictures - thanks girl! I wore green skinny jeans, a lovely black jacket which was on sale at Zara's (go get it!) and my beloved (fake) furry hat. It's a really simple outfit as always but the shoes and the hat really nail it! Plus adding my diva lipstick from MAC was such a good decision, I really love this outfit and could imagine wearing it all the time! Oh and I didn't tell you yet, I will grow my bangs / fringe as I am getting bored of it and I already have it for six months now - sooo, let's get back to my beloved good old middle part (or side part)!
Actually I wanted to ask you for advice what to wear for tomorrow's christmas party with the Stylight guys, but I got sick so I will just stay at home and drink tea all the time. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow so my weekend will not only consist of tea, bed and breakfast at tiffany's to cheer me up! 

See ya! xx

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


pictures by the boy
UNDERGROUND CAR PARK I could not think of any good title for this post - I really wanted to give it a name that has something to do with underground because we did the pictures in an underground car park but I already called one post "underground". So I sat in front of my computer thinking about this, hours for hours, seriously, there's nothing more important than the name of my blog post ;-) But anyway, it's called green tones in berlin now and I can tell you a little story. As I told you in my previous post, the boy always surprises me with the area where we shoot the pictures. On Saturday before I threw on those clothes he asked me what colors I would wear today, and I was like .. green .. a green coat. And I could see in his face that he was thinking about a nice place with green spots to take the perfect pictures ;-) Yep and he found it! We started taking pictures but then this janitor came by and told us we were not allowed to shoot in his underground car park :-D I thought it was a joke, seriously, I looked like a nice girl who won't make any mess and I just needed five good shots , but nope. He told us to leave so we could only use the three pictures we did before he came because both of us were really happy with the background and we didn't want to search for something new .. :-D I still can't believe it, I thought in a city like Berlin no one would ever be annoyed when taking pictures somewhere .. turns out I was wrong.

But we managed to get a few good shots! I wore my lovely green coat from Asos which I absolutely love, but sadly it's a light coat so I can't really wear it in deep winter time. I wanted to have a classy and chic outfit, that's why I wore a simple black skirt and a white turtleneck pullover and put my hair up! (by the way, it really looks blonde again in those pictures, am I right?) To top it I wore my brand new Peperosa cut out boots which I got from the Parade Deutschland! I just loooove these boots and I always wanted cut out boots so bad :-) You will see me wearing these lovlies a lot this season since they are the perfect boots for everyday wear - not too high and absolutely comfy! 


Monday, November 25, 2013


pictures by the boy
GOOD MORNING! I wanted to post this outfit yesterday evening but I came home late from my trip to Berlin and I was really tired and hungry, you know ;-) But it's a new week and I am starting with a new post! Tiny lackofcolor blog teamed up with coutie.de, a german online shop with really cool clothes! It was such a hard decision what to get but I am really happy with my cheap monday tank top and the "prost y'all" beanie :-) I've seen the cap version of this beanie before and I was so unsure about whether to get the cap or the beanie, but in the end, I'm still a beanie girl! ("Prost" is the german word for "cheers" by the way, hehe ) The tank top is really perfect for every kind of season - I am yet excited to style it in summer time as I think it has this perfect oversized cut for wearing some nice bra or bikini underneath ;-) They also have the coolest pullovers and sweaters I've ever seen before, but go check yourself :-)

I combined my new goodies with my selfmade blue coat and simple jeans and boots by Zara. It was a casual but cool outfit, perfect for walking through Berlin city! To add a bit of glamour I wore read lipstick and straightened my hair ;-) You can also see that it's lighter again, it might be blond again at christmas time I think - yay! Unfortunately this might be the last time I wore my super awesome selfmade blue coat as it's made out of a light cloth and it's almost too cold outside to wear it ... I guess I have to admit that it's now time to bring out the fake fur and my quilted jacket .. oh my. But anyway, I absolutely love this outfit and I love the pictures the boy took - he always surprises me when finding a nice area to shoot because most of the time it matches my outfit perfectly ;-) 
have a great day! xx

Thursday, November 21, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com

BRING OUT YOUR FAKE FUR It really got cold in the last few days / weeks, so it's time to bring out the fake fur jackets - yay!! I got this one in January at Mango Sale and I am so happy to have it, as it's really really warm and looks so good with skinny jeans! As a blue lover, I played with baby blue this time, to make it at least a bit different to my usual blue looks ;-) You might have seen this beanie already on instagram, I got it together with a baby pink one because I really think a nice beanie can add so much to a simple look + I just love beanies! This look is really easy, I just wore a grey tank top, blue jeans and black boots where the jacket is the eyecatcher! At the moment the weather is perfect for it, when it's real deep winter it might get too cold to even wear the fake fur .. that's when I get frustrated wearing my quilted jacket day after day .. but that's another story :)

So as you might know, I'm in Berlin right now, and I was at university today - whoop! When I was sitting in this class room with all the others I got really excited and totally wanted to study again. I never really believed it when somebody told me that when you work, you really want to go back to school / uni and study again as it's refreshing and kind of keeps you alive to study everytime, just praciting your brain. But now I know how it feels and I am really looking forward to study again :-) So far Berlin is nice as always, just being with my love and having some quality time together; we might shoot some outfits this weekend as well - not sure yet, but stay tuned, there are some projects coming and I am really excited to share this with you!!
have a great thursday evening guys!! xx from Berlin

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com

"HOLIDAYS" I was so excited to share with you those pictures because my outfit is a bit different to what I usually wear. This time I played with a cap! I've seen this cap at Zara's a few weeks ago and I loved caps when I was about ten, you know, young girl trying to be cool (or whatever, haha). So I tried it on in the shop and I really wasn't sure about it. I loved the zips and the fake leather style, but caps, oh my, this was newland for me. But I bought it because after standing 10 minutes in front of the mirror I fell in love. I combined it really casual cool with my 1993 shirt, a white oversized blazer, dark grey jeans and black boots. To add even more coolness to the whole look I wore my selfmade jacket which I made in my second year of high school. I wore it once in the last 6 years because I have never really liked it too much but when I wore the cap I immediately thought of it. And after a while I really liked it and now I'm wearing it almost every second day as it's suuuper comfy and warm!

So tomorrow I'm going to Berlin to see the boy and I am also going to do a student for one day-day at this university I will probably apply for. Excited! I am so looking forward to be back in Berlin as I kind of miss not just the boy but also the city. It's crazy how I fell in love with it. I am super happy to have a few days off of work because I am starting to miss my free time which I had looads of when I was studying at uni. When I was at school I left the house in the morning and came back in the evening without much time left and I promised myself that I want to avoid such "jobs" in the future because I don't want to miss so much time in life .. but well, I did have a whole year of lots of free time and now I am back to the good old routine. I know this is absolutely normal to most of the people in the world, working the whole day in an office but for me it's a big deal as I'm kind of a creative person and sometimes I just wanna rush out, get away from my computer and do something else .. haha. Anyway, while I'm working it feels good to have two days off every once in a while to be creative and productive in a different kind of way :-)

I hope you all are doing fine! xx

Sunday, November 17, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com
MENSWEAR Yesterday, Kavita and I had a really lovely girls day with lots of hot tea and good talks. Even though we stick together all the time at work we still manage to have lots of stuff to talk about on the weekend. I wore something really comfy; baggy pants, a simple blue blouse and my sparkling shoes. If you are looking for the perfect oversized blue blouse, go check the mens department at H&M - I got mine there and I love it! The only thing that's a bit weird is to close the buttons from the left to the right .. :-D I am totally in the mood for christmas this weekend that's why I had to wear those sparkling shoes I got at forever21 back in spring. I must admit I really forgot about them because I have quite a lot of shoes and some of them are hidden under my bed in boxes (oh gosh, my roommate would be really poor if there where even more shoes in our vestibule) They were perfect for this outfit and I might do another one with them as long as there is now snow :-)

This weekend has been a quite busy one. I am currently working on a trenchcoat for my sister's boyfriend for his 25th birthday - and to be honest, I struggled with it a bit because I'm not used to sewing menswear. It took me a while to find out how to do the pattern construction but I'm glad I said yes to this challenge as I love to think about how things would work and finding the solution on my own. But now, I am just relaxing and thinking about a nice Sunday evening treatment such as a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. I can't believe that the weekend is almost over, I had so much more things on my to do list .. oh my.. but anyway, I'm looking forward to going to Berlin on wednesday =) I hope you all had a nice weekend! xx

Thursday, November 14, 2013


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CATCHY TUNES Heyo! In case anyone is wondering about todays name of the article ... since I'm working in an office the whole whole day, I am constantly listening to music (that's why I hope to get awesome and super cool big earphones - if anyone fancies to get me some - go ahead :-) ) so yes, I am listening to music all the time and right now I've got "You and I" from Ingrid Michaelson on replay all the time ... and if you listen to the lyrics, they are quite cute ;-)  The song might be a bit weird when you listen to it the first time, but as always, after two times it gets a loooot better. Basically, this is what I do all the time with a song. If I am not sure about one, I listen to it as long as I either love it, or hate it till death. There's hardly any song I like from the first time I listened to it .. except of some the boy showed me .. 

Todays outfit. I thought about using my burgundy bag again since it was hidden in my wardrobe for a while because it has this size where I don't know if everything I need (or think to need) for a day at work (like food, agenda, make up ..... this is why I'm so bad with small bags - just don't know where to put my stuff) will fit in. BUT it worked out so I might use it more often =) I combined it with a simple white pullover, black pants and my fake fur jacket which is perfect for this time of the year as its not too cold outside right now. And of course, my heels. To be honest, when I got them, I couldn't really walk in them because they weren't that comfy but I was surprised as I wore them today and they are getting much more comfortable. I should probably wear them everyday from now on as they make me really tall!

Happy Thursday evening everybody! xx 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


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IT'S FREEZIN Hey guys! Sorry for not posting anything in the last few days, I was a bit sick and I still don't feel 100% well but today I was in the mood to blog ;-) So here's a quick update of today's look. I look a bit pale because of my illness but hey, the outfit looks nice, right? Its a quite girly skirt but I fell in love when I saw it and I immediately knew how I wanted to combine it - simple! Black pullover, black tights, boots and coat and my beloved h&m conscious collection bag. What do you think? 

It's freaking cold right now in fancy Munich and I need to start layering, as one pullover and one pair of tights is not enough anymore ;-) I even read in the newspaper that it might snow tomorrow and I am so not ready for this. Whenever the first snow comes I am prepared with lots of tea, hot chocolate and super cool knitted socks by my grandmum, but this time I had no time to do anything. Although I like my work/internship I hate the fact that I'm leaving house in the morning and then coming home late in the evening where you can't do anything else.. I kind of miss the good old days where I was a student and had so much time for doing all the things that I love.. (I sound really weird saying "I miss the good old days") But honestly, how do people get used to this kind of routine? I need to find a solution for myself for this otherwise I will keep thinking I don't have any freetime. So the plan is, after yoga tonight (which I don't count as free time as its still in the office so I feel like I'm working ... in working out) I will just rest and read a good book - yes, I will do this and not fall asleep in the middle of reading .. oh man.

Have a nice evening guys! xx

Friday, November 8, 2013


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TELL THE WORLD I'M COMING HOME Honestly, I should stop wearing black and blue all the time. When I don't know what to wear, I instinctively grab black and blue colored garments. Cra-azy. Oh well. So this week I wore black pants, an oversized sweater with the number 84 on the front and a blue beanie. Oh, and Kavita's shoes. They are from missguided and when she got them, I fell in love with them as well. They would probably be on my "too expensive list" but she's okay with sharing since we have the same size ;-) Even though they are quite high they are incredible comfy! As you can see, I was really in the mood to wear casual and sporty chic clothes this week and this pullover by Mango was the best choice ever as it's so warm and looks so cool with pants but cute with a skirt (you will see this combination probably next week)! 

So, this weekend I'm going to see my parents and some friends from my hometown again. Can't wait to go back home to Austria for two relaxing days. Although I love living in another city/country, and of course in an own apartment, I like coming home from time to time and get spoiled with good food and interesting talks with my parents ;-) It's actually always a bit busy if I go somewhere, whether if its Berlin to see the boy or Upper Austria to see my family, it's always combined with a (long) ride. Most of the time I get bored on those rides because fashion magazines don't take up too much time to read and I always forget to charge my Ipod. So I end up checking instagram and facebook every 10 minutes which is not good for my mobile phone battery as well. But today I'm prepared with a good book and I managed to have my Ipod fully charged. Awesome! what are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


AN AFTERNOON IN BERLIN So I guess you've all been dying to see my new selfmade coat (or at least, I hope you all were a bit anxious about it)! As I told you, I've been thinking a lot about what to sew next and how my new coat should look like. I know that this season oversized boyfriend coats are all the rage, and I really thought about sewing one, BUT I wanted something simple that will stay in my wardrobe, like .. forever. Timeless I'd say. I literally combined everything I like when it comes to coats combined in this one - it has a belt, it has small details (leather), snap fasteners which you can't see, puffed sleeves with a sketchy cuff and a stand-up collar. Plus, it's grey, which is one of the nicest colors ever and can be combined with nearly everything! I chose grey, because first of all I don't have any coat or jacket in that color, and second, right now I am trying to get all those basic garments into my wardrobe. I feel like I need more basic stuff, like black and white t shirts, jeans that fit reeeally good and coats that look amazing and work with nearly everything. Thats why I've chosen to make a simple one in grey ;-)

So I started sewing on a Saturday and sewed like the whole weekend. I really wanted to finish the coat before going to Berlin as I wanted the boy to take pictures of it ;-) It worked out, but I think next time I'll work with more composure. The boy and I took those pictures in the streets of Berlin on Saturday. Unfortunately the weather was not that good for pictures, but I love the lighting  behind me, it reminds me of christmas and I can tell you, that there's already christmas decoration in the shopwindows in Berlin ;-) I really hope you like my latest selfmade garment - stay tuned, there will be more in the next time! 

happy wednesday! xx

Monday, November 4, 2013


RUSSIAN LOVE Hey hey guys! Sorry for skipping some posts last week, it was just too busy and as always, it felt good to stay away from the computer a bit :-) But I'm here again, with a new outfit post the boy and I shot in Berlin. As you might have seen on my instagram (@carmen_wo) I got this lovely fake fur scarf from the onlineshop floralpunk which is run by Julia D. I got to know lovely Julia at the Blogger Bazaar in Munich where she sold her stuff + this awesome furry scarf - but I wasn't sure about it and then, as always, someone else bought it :-D So I contacted her, really desperately, if there's any furry scarf left and lucky me - I could get mine last week in Berlin, as she's living there. I was such a happy happy girlie, I think this scarf will keep me warm during winter time! Thanks again to Julia, next time I should not think twice but buy it straight away ;-)

So I combined my new investment with a simple little black dress with lace underneath, black tights and boots and a black bag. As I didn't want to be all black I kindly asked the boy to lend me his awesome coat :-) He bought it at COS in Munich when we were out doing some shopping and it's beautiful. You all know that I'm crazy about coats but this one, is simply magical. It's a timeless piece in dark blue, with a classic straight cut and hidden button-facing. I'm sure this one will last a long time which is even better for me, as I can steal it from time to time ;-) To add another color I used my diva lipstick by MAC, just because I think its the perfect color for autumn and this outfit in general. Everything else (red/pink) would probably be too bright or girly. This outfit also comes good with me new haircolor. I've shown you on my social media that I dyed my hair brown, but no worries, it will fade away after washing it several times. I didn't want to dye them for real, as I knew it would take ages to get my natural hair color again. But as always in a/w season I wanted to have darker hair ..
what do you guys think of todays outfit?

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, I am off to work now! xx

Friday, November 1, 2013


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TIME YOU'RE NO FRIEND OF MINE It's already November, how quickly did time pass by? Seriously .. it feels like I just moved to Munich but in fact, I've been living there for two whole months! Craaazy! The last weeks/months were the best ever and to be honest, 2013 was a really good year for me. Crazy that it's going to an end in two months. But wait .. this is too much new years eve talk ....
I also can't deal with the fact that autumn is over now and its going to be really really cold from now on - I don't even want to THINK of the word snow. Oh no. I loved this years autumn season, it was so colorful and really sunny and warm, I can't remember the last time we had that. Amazing and it motivates me a lot to take good blog pictures!

Well, but let's talk about the outfit from todays post. My sister ordered this wonderful skort from sheinside.com but sadly, its too short for her as she is much taller than me. So I was the lucky girl who got it, because I'm such a tiny tiny person. I was really happy because I already thought about ordering it myself .. hehe. So anyway, I wore this outfit to work last week - a simple white t shirt, a white blazer, this skort and my leo beanie which I absolutely adore! It's a bit big and it reminds me of a smurf but so cute =)  Right now I'm at the boy's place in casual Berlin and we took some awesome pictures, I'm excited to share with you! I hope you all are fine and you had a fancy Halloween night!

much love! xx

Monday, October 28, 2013


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A SHORT WEEK I've always been quite in love with the skirt and overknees combination, but never really knew how to pull it off since I'm such a small person. I haven't yet found the perfect overknees with a little heel, that's why I'm sticking to my flat ones which are amazingly comfortable. Also they still look good even though I bought them .. three years ago. Good job! Since the weather has been quite nice in fancy Munich I had the chance to even wear a skirt without tights - I know, I'm a tough girl :-D So I paired this little black skirt from Kavita with my plaid t-shirt from Zara, black overknees and my selfmade cape. Feels like back at school when I'm swapping clothes with my friend :-D

Oh well, it's also Monday again but I'm quite happy since I've only got 2.5 days to work this week - yay! Going to Berlin on Wednesday to see the boy and just relax :-) So looking forward to it as I have to admit that I am not used to work from Monday till Friday from 9-6 every week without a day off. Again it feels like back at school and I hated it to kind of loose a whole day just sitting at my desk. But I think I will get used to this again as I will probably do internships the whole year .. So anyway, there's not much to say today, as you could see on my social media, I've been working like crazy on my coat and it's almost finished, I hope to finish it by the end of tonight and then wear it in the next few days so you can see how it looks like :-) Really excited about this and almost forgot how I love to sew! Haven't been doing it the whole summer but I really want to sew more in the next time!

Happy Monday! xx

Friday, October 25, 2013


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HAPPY FRIDAY Hello hello! The last days were incredibly beautiful and sunny in fancy Munich! Perfect to wear light clothes and no beanie and scarf at all - it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I'm always wearing comfy outfits at work, and this time I decided on my beloved brown cape, simple boots and a lovely white shirt with ruffles by Zara. The black jacket and my Rayban sunglasses give the look a bit of coolness. But omg, I can't even remember the last time I had to wear sunglasses :-) Felt soo good to feel the sun on my face again! I just love those warm fall days, it's the best! 

And it's finally friday. This week has been a quite busy one at work, so I am really really looking forward to the weekend. Just relaxing, probably meeting an old friend from school AND sewing - I will keep you updated on my coat on instagram so follow me @carmen_wo! Gonna be great - I've been looking forward to this all week! You know the feeling when you have something creative in mind but no time to work on it? I literally hate it! I've been thinking about this new coat for two months now and had no time to sew it .. and you all know that I love coats and if I want to make one, then it has to be immediately and quickly! :-D But anyway, what are your plans?
I wish you all a lovely and happy Friday evening! xx

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


pictures by the boy
MAKE UP CONFESSIONS Wednesday is almost over and I am really looking forward to the weekend as I am just going to sew all day long. You all know that the last two weekends where pretty much about family and friends and don't get me wrong I love to have my sister or the boy around, but sometimes we all need to be on our own as well right? So this time I am really looking forward to sewing because I've planned a new coat and I am so so ready to start! It's going to be a grey colored one, pretty standard cut because I'm trying to concentrate on basic garments which you can combine with everything right now. I think I'm getting old .. I mean, I realized that it's all about basics and you don't need every cool "it" piece. I also bought some basic shirts because I didn't even had one, but that is another story ;-)

Anyway, today's outfit was shot by the boy at the tube station near my place and the pictures turned out different to the ones we usually take but I love them. My simple and dark outfit and the dark atmosphere at the tube match perfectly. I also tried out a new make up because the boy told me several times that he would love to see me wearing a stronger eye make up. So I tried smokey eyes and yep, I was not really good at doing it because I usually just use mascara and eyeliner. I tried hard and with the help of my lovely bf we kind of worked it out. Imagine me and the boy both trying to do my make up .. I'm a like the worst girl ever haha. But I think I might do it again for going out and maybe I'll get used to it =)

Have a nice and relaxing wednesday evening guys! xx 

Sunday, October 20, 2013


pictures taken by Kavita from shewearsfashion.com
SISTERS WEEKEND Whoop! One of my sisters, Vanessa, was in fancy Munich this weekend and we had two lovely days. Yesterday we went to the Blogger Bazaar at the Stylight HQ where I worked a bit and she was happily shopping and then we checked out Munich and had a great dinner at Vapiano's :-) Today we went for a walk in the English garden and other lovely areas of Munich and had coffee at Starbucks. It was such a nice weekend as we hadn't seen each other for a while and there was lots of stuff we had to talk about!

So I decided on wearing something really comfy and simple, and I know, it's black and blue, but somehow I love this combination so much, I wouldn't wanna miss it. As the weather was pretty nice I didn't need a thick coat, so I wore my blue coat which I made four years ago when I was still at high school =) It's crazy that I still love it so much! The color is just amazing! To add a bit of coolness to my outfit I wore a leather top from Zara and studded boots. I had a huge crush on similar boots at Zara's in fall 2012 but I couldn't find them in my size at any shop so I got those in cream half a year later and I'm glad that I got cream ones because everybody own's black ones ;-) I hope your weekend was as perfect as mine - I wish you all a relaxing Sunday evening! xx

Friday, October 18, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com
FRIDAY At work I like my outfits casual and comfy, just like this one, which I wore the other day. Boots with a little heel, comfy pants, a simple blouse and blazer, colorful beanie - done. I felt like this outfit was quite boyish but I loved it. Lately I've been really into wearing pants instead of skirts just because it's too cold and I like to wear my pants boyish and then add a little girly touch for example with my white clutch from Gaudi. I've also been wearing lots of black and white combinations in the past few days - easy to combine and oh so chic :-) 

Sooo, what are your plans for the weekend? One of my sister's is coming to visit me in fancy Munich and I'm really looking forward to seeing her. Tomorrow we will be at the Blogger's Bazaar at the Stylight HQ - if you live in Munich or somewhere near, just come by, shop vintage designer stuff and say Hi :-) - As I am working for Stylight right now I'll be selling some stuff of mine there as well, blouses, blazer, ... Whenever there's the chance to sell some of my old clothes I try to join. I've read about an interesting resolution on a blog the other day, there was this girl who said if she wants to buy one new item, she has to get rid of another ... maybe I should think about this as well ... ;-)

have a nice weekend guys! xx

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


pictures by the boy
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Actually, I didn't want to post today, but I was so excited to share with you all the great pictures we took the last few days, that I just had to bother you again ;-) So this is what I wore on Saturday, having a casual day with the boy in Munich. The weather was quite nice that's why I could wear a simple t-shirt and my selfmade cape. I feel like the colors of my outfit really match with the autumnal background, the leaves and stuff. To be honest, I love autumn. It's just the best season of all because you can dress up so nice! There's lots of different garments and colors to wear and if you're lucky enough and the weather is fine you can also wear light coats (and you all know that I love coats). 

Well, and did you notice the lipstick I'm wearing? If not, check again! It is amazing! I am completely obsessed with it! This really dark lipstick and nail polish obsession started a few weeks ago when I saw all the models walking down the runway having plain white faces, big brows and dark lips. Yay! And when my friend Isabella told me that she wanted to do this look at the make up artist competition at the end of September as well, I just knew I had to go for it. So I got this lovely lipstick at MAC's and it's called diva, which I think is the perfect name for this little gorgeous thing :-) I can't wait to wear it again, it might be another crush lipstick like morange in spring - yeah, I think I'm falling for lipstick trends ...

Anyway, I hope you guys are all doing well and that you love autumn as much as I do :-) xx
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