Wednesday, December 26, 2012


THANK YOU STYLIGHT As you all know I was adventblogger on the 18th of december at and I was really happy about this lovely opportunity. Also I won on the first of december this awesome dress by Mango also through the stylight company and want to thank them with this pictures, shot just for Mango and just for Stylight! I am madly in love with this dress and I am wearing it as outfit  #3 on my blog. Because I'm such a small girlie I needed to shorten the dress but I had the idea to have it shorter in the front as in the back. What do you think about it? Because the dress is such an eyecatcher I just added this tiny black belt. Plus I am wearing this lovely hat from h&m which totally matches with my new faux fur jacket which is a christmas gift from my sisters - yes they know me well!

What I like about the faux fur is that it is not in a single color but in two! It's a real eyecatcher and I just love that my sisters knew that I would like this! It's from forever 21 by the way if you wanna shop it. Wishing you a nice wednesday!

hat - h&m
dress - mango
belt - h&m
tights - tezenis
shoes - somewhere in Linz


  1. YOU HAD AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS I SEE :)! I am following your site. I hope you can check out my site: and follow if possible. So exciting! Thanks for your time :) keep posting. God bless,

    Steven B.

  2. Indeed, it was great! Thanks Steven! I'd love to check out your website, of course! Have a nice day :)

  3. Nice blog I will follow your blog...


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