Friday, December 14, 2012


pictures by Greta A.

FINALLY FRIDAY I don't know if you remember my green coat from asos which I ordered in summer because it was on sale? Well, if you don't, I shot some pictures for you wearing it with my beloved brown hat. I hardly see people wearing hats in vienna so I think it is a welcome change instead of always wearing beanies or headbands. A hat is the perfect accessorie. So back to the coat, I really thought it would be the time to buy some green garments for my wardrobe because honestly, I don't have many green clothes. Time for change! My special gloves with the leopard print on are very warm and I love my leather gloves but when it gets cold outside we all need something that is warmer than leather. 

So guys, I am really glad that it's finally friday. This week has been stressful and not very funny at all and I can't wait to have some vacation. And my weekend won't be much more realxing either. Plan for the next two days is to get ready the christmas present for my sister (you'll see pictures after christmas) my boyfriend and of course there's a lovely photoshooting on sunday! But more about this experience next week! 
Wishing you a nice and relaxing weekend!

hat - New Yorker
coat - Asos
pants - Zara
shoes - Vögele
gloves - H&M


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