Wednesday, December 19, 2012


THIS CAPE and THIS HAT I am so in love with this cape, it's actually my mom's but I am thankful for every time she allows me to wear it. Doesn't it look super chic? For this look I wanted to show you my lovely new burgundy accessories by H&M, the hat and the scarf which fit together perfectly. As you all know, hats are kind of the best thing to wear in winter. It's also a real comfortable look because under this cape you can wear whatever you want and whatever your mood is set on to. I think you all noticed that I love Zara clothes and their winter collection this year is truly great, as always. So I am wearing two items by zara.

As you all know if you follow me by facebook as well (if you don't, click here ) I am at home in upper Austria now and you can't imagine how good it is. Best meal ever and of course super relaxing. But I guess some of you know this as well. The next few days/weeks will be full of surprising outfits for you and I can't wait to show you what I've chosen for some special events I'm attending. 

shoes - H&M
pants - ZARA
cape/poncho - ZARA
scarf - H&M
hat - H&M

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