Tuesday, December 11, 2012


LAST WEEK there have been some sunny moments and I couldn't wait to go outside, shoot some pictures for you! Unfortunately the sun didn't act on the degrees in lovely vienna, so it was still pretty cold and I need my quilted jacket nearly every day! You know what's really bothering me in winter? It's nearly always dark outside! I get up, usually at 8 a.m for those who wonder why my posts are always that early published .. but at 4 p.m it's dark outside and I hate it! I just need some sun to feel good and not depressed! Really makes me angry sometimes but it'll soon be better when I get used to this little daylight a day. But I guess that's a problem we all tend to have when it's "finally" winter.

My outfit for the sunny day last week was pretty simple, big pullover with a nice knitting pattern, matching scarf with a black border and green pants from zara. I like to wear everything in one colortone and then add a single more noticable color! Remember the look I wore called spots of color ? There you can see this as well ;) And because of the sun I finally took out my sunglasses again! Missed them like crazy!

quilted jacket - Zara
pullover - H&M
green pants - Zara
shoes - Vögele shoes
scarf - New Yorker
bag - Zara
sunglasses - rayban wayfarer

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