Thursday, December 13, 2012


SUN IS SHINING  Finally the real winter season can begin for me. Exam today - done. Now the time full of christmas cookies, punch and markets can begin! For this I've chosen a lovely outfit with burgundy - what else? Saw this leggin at Zara and it wasn't very expensive so I totally needed it in my life. Also the weather seems to be very kind to me, so I can still take photos outside. Plan for the next few days before leaving home for holidays is to get ready all of my presents - means wrapping them and of course sending cards to my lovely friends all over the world! (I really love sending christmas cards)

This morning (at 10 am) after my exam I went through the city and I didn't expect to see so many people gathering around the shops, waiting for them to open and buy present after present. The weeks before christmas are really hectic. I've never realized this before because I grew up in this small city where everybody drove far away to buy their presents because there's hardly a single store in my hometown.

beanie - don't remember
coat - Ullmann Fashion Trading
pullover - H&M
leggins - Zara
shoes - H&M


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