Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It really is cold in vienna! puhh! And as I said in some posts before, it's quite a challenge to pull on some nice clothes which are warm as well. So the best thing is to wear 2 pairs of socks, and 2 tights one on top of the other if you're the kind of girl who loves to wear dresses and even winter and freezing degrees can't keep you away from it. Sometimes I am that kind of girl and then I really wear lots of garments in layers and hope I don't look like a giant something, hehe.
For this outfit I wanted to keep it easy and just have some spots of color, like the burgundy bag and the dress in a darker rosé tone. We all know that black is our favorite color in winter but sometimes I feel boring when wearing only black, so I added some spots of color and finished the look. It's very easy and for every kind of occasion a good look.

So the next few days will consist only of learning for my special literature exam next week but then it's almost christmas and it is so crazy how fast time goes by, don't you think so too? I mean I remember exactly the day I moved to vienna, and also the day I graduated from fashion school and now it's almost 2013! Have you any plans for new year's eve? That's next thing on my to do list. Plan things for the upcoming holidays, like visiting all my relatives, have a nice wellness day at a spa, etc. What are your plans for the holidays?

coat - Ullmann Fashion Trading
dress - H&M
shoes - Saito
bag - Gaudí (Ullmann Fashion Trading)
gloves - H&M
scarf - H&M

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